Author Biography: David Jedeikin

David Jedeikin is author of Wander the Rainbow: A true story of a living liver donation, an epic journey around the world, and a gay man’s search for himself. A native of Montreal, Canada, David came to America in search of fame and fortune, but ended up finding greater fulfillment (yes, really) as a software engineer. At the age of four his family decamped for a three-year stint to the Mediterranean shores of suburban Tel Aviv, and proceeded to road-trip it across the region. As an adult he’s lived in Toronto, Los Angeles, Lansing, Michigan, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco, a nomad even before his world journey. During this time he managed to co-edit a start-up Internet magazine; serve as assistant editor on a TV series; and carve out a niche in San Francisco’s technology industry. For the moment, he’s laid down roots in California, but the lure of further travel is never far from his mind.

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