B & B’s Accommodation – Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico – Accommodation

B & B’s
For those of you that have spent any time in Europe you know what these are, those of you that recently graduated from the school for the hard of thinking, they’re Bed & Breakfast’s.

In Mexico, the price is about what you’d pay for an average standard room, around 40 to 60 bucks a night. The main differences being that the price is usually per couple, you get a real home cooked breakfast and they are a helluva lot quieter than a $50.00 hotel. Most will also work a by-the-week deal for you that’s more than fair. You’ll probably have your own entrance and a private garden. Here’s some examples:

Casita Bella
Hosts: Marianne Amodt and her son Christopher.
This is the Cadillac of B&B’s. The services include; two beautiful tropical patios with fountains that are perfect for reading or servicing a hangover. Breakfast is served buffet style in the garden patios and include fresh hand squeezed juices (Oh Yeah!), fruits, yogurt, pastries, cereals, toast, muffins, tea and coffee. This is not a ‘served all day deal’. You actually have to get out of bed in the morning and get it.

Happy Hour, yes my friend you read it right. The house bar is open and Happy Hour is 5-7 pm. The house has a water purification system throughout meaning you can drink right from the tap if you like, very rare in these parts. Cable TV/Video is standard here. Ain’t got a video? No worries mate, they’ve got a video and book library on premises. They even have fax and e-mail.

The room rates are:
El Nido
Double and twin beds. Private bath, air conditioning and ceiling fan. TV/Video combo with cable. Perfect room for two singles traveling together.

$55.00 per couple.

Las Flores
Queen sized bed w/private bath. Air conditioning and fan. Private sitting area with TV, Video and cable. Private balcony with umbrella and lounge chairs.

$65.00 per couple.

Note that there are no kids, no pets and smoking outside only.

Phone/fax: 011-52-69-16-75-18
Email: casitabella@pacificpearl.com

Captain Moe's Posada
Now, I don't know much about this one either but I got a feeling I'll be checkin' in to find out. Just a feeling mind you, but methinks this is my kinda place. His name's Captain Moe, mine's Capp. His dog's name is Zoe, mine's Moe. It's an omen. He's located right in the Golden Zone, aka stumblin' distance.

Zoe at Captain Moe's At Captain Moe's you get your own private entrance, your own private bath, a fridge in every room (I like that one), and check this out, you get a separate courtyard kitchen for cookin'. The price is a mere $40.00 a night. That's $20 apiece folks! In the Zone! I got an email in to him for more info, keep ya posted. In the meantime, this is his ad picture. Kinda says it all don't ya think?

Phone: 011-52-69-14-33-19
Email: moe&doe@mzt.megared.net.mx

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