The Bar Scene in Belo Horizonte – Brazil, South America

Belo Horizonte's Bar: Belo Horizonte's Bar

Belo Horizonte’s Bar

When I’m in Belo Horizonte, between my travels around the world, I try to enjoy one of its specialties: a typical Brazilian style bar. With over 12 thousand establishments, Belo Horizonte has plenty of options for all kinds of visitors and tastes.

Some are humble and simple, with plastic tables and chairs, having popular brands of beer at reasonable prices. Many are located in popular neighborhoods, and attract even the most expensive tastes. Others are recognized for their truly personalized service, wide selection of beers, nice ambiance and good music.

This renowned tradition and Belo Horizonte’s passion for bars make possible the conception of the festival Comida di Boteco. I had the opportunity to be present in several. The quality of food is worth every penny. Since its beginning, in 2000, the festival offrers different dishes with exotic ingredients. Comida di Buteco is considered the biggest gastronomic event of Minas Gerais, and one of the greatest in Brazil.

Every year the annual bar competition serves as an excuse to visit diverse bars and botecos in search of the best tidbits or popularly known as “tira-gostos”, as the locals say. Some of the 40 better bars in town compete in categories such as hygiene, temperature of the beer, service, but mainly, the best “tira-gosto”.

It’s really an experience in local culture, a must see and do in Belo Horizonte. The event tends to take place in the first months of the year.

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