Beach massage in the Philippines – A Way to Relax for Under 10 Dollars

What’s better than listening to a $20 relaxation CD at home? Having a relaxing massage for half the price on a white-sand beach. Boracay, one of the most commercialized islands of the Philippines, is a seven-kilometer-long paradise island where tourists flock to.

Boracay Massage: Beach massage area

The west coast strip is home to hotels, shops, restaurants, and designated massage areas that are very affordable for tourists to enjoy.

Massage sign

For 350 Php ($7.21 US), you can enjoy an hour-long body massage by local therapists, with a tip of 50 Php (just over a dollar) considered appropriate. Lying down on a wooden, smooth platform with a comfy mat, it feels just the same as being on an actual massage table. 

Massage mat

Awash in the comforting sounds of ocean waves breaking just a few steps away and the fitful rustling of the palm trees overhead, drifting off to sleep can be enticing. After what seems like mere minutes the hour has come and gone, but for less than $10, why not line up an encore starting immediately. No appointment is necessary.


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