Best BootsnAll Travel Photos – April 2010

Last month we decided to try something new in the articles section at BootsnAll and highlight some of the best travel photos that people submit to be featured on our daily travel photo site, WhyGo. The response to the article with the best travel photos from March 2010 was great – which is good, because we’re going to keep doing it.

With each of the photos below, I’ll include a link underneath it so you can click on that to get to the larger size of the image (there’s nothing like having a beautiful travel photo to fill up your screen), along with the name of the photographer.

And if you’d like to have your travel photos highlighted in this monthly article – or just featured on our daily travel photos site – you can submit them directly via the WhyGo website. You’re encouraged to send in as many as you like – if I’m not able to use all of the photos you send in one month, I’ll keep them in the queue for the following month. In other words, if your photos are good, they’ll be featured on WhyGo’s daily travel photo page sooner or later!

Here are the best BootsnAll travel photos we featured in April 2010.


Market Seller, Uganda — Photo by Emma Pointon


Potala Palace, Tibet — Photo by Lukasz Aciejczyk


Wrinkles & Creases; Ranthambhore, India — Photo by Sarah Bachhuber Peroutka


Smiling Camel at Festival au Desert, Mali — Photo by Sara Swanberg


Meerkats, Namibia — Photo by Kim Walker

And don’t forget to send in your own travel pictures – photos you’ve taken anywhere in the world, even in your hometown – to be featured on BootsnAll’s daily travel photo page!