Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: December 2010

It doesn’t usually take much for travel nuts to start hunting for cheap international flights, and that’s especially true after the holidays. We’re all back at work after a hectic time, and lots of people are starting to daydream about (if not plan outright) their 2011 trips.

BootsnAll has plenty of tools to help you with the planning parts of your travels, which you can find by clicking arond on the right-hand menu. To help with the daydreaming, then, it’s time once again for our monthly article featuring the best travel photos from the previous month. I must say, I’m particularly tickled that there were so many great pictures from the U.S. last month, especially since that’s one of the countries we chose for our list of places to go in 2011!

Here are the best photos BootsnAll featured in December 2010.

>> And don’t forget to send in your favorite photos from your travels. No matter where you go, it’s foreign to someone, so if you’ve got great pictures from your hometown those count, too. It’s easy to submit travel photos, and you can submit as many as you like.

First Morning Light Hitting Mesa Arch, Canyonlands National Park — Photo by Amiee Maxwell

Ice Hotel – Arctic, Sweden — Photo by Kim Walker

South Sister & Sparks Lake – Oregon, USA — Photo by Jessica Spiegel

Vietnam War Memorial – Washington DC — Photo by Sherry Ezhuthachan

Have you sent us a photo yet? We aren’t looking for professional photographers here – we’re looking for people who get outside their house now and then and bring a camera with them. Send in your favorite photos, people, I want to see them!

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