Author: Jessica Spiegel

Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: February 2011

Here at BootsnAll we like to think of ourselves as feeding your travel dreams on a daily basis. We love helping people get from the dream stage to the “I just bought a ticket and I’m actually going somewhere” stage – it’s an intoxicating thing, after all, to buy a plane ticket, and we love being a part of that process.

As we all know, however, travel isn’t always an option. Sometimes it’s because you’re in the middle of life – and other times it’s because there’s unrest in the Middle East and oil prices (and therefore airline fuel surcharges) go through the roof… In either case, we’d like to think we can get you through those tough times when you don’t have a trip planned, too, with our travel articles and our travel photos.

In that light, here’s some travel inspiration in the form of our favorite photos from the past month. For now, they can serve as a little virtual vacation from the everyday. Maybe one of them will make you look up more information about a place you hadn’t thought of traveling before. And if you don’t currently have a trip on the horizon, you can keep these spots in mind for when you find cheap tickets somewhere wonderful.

Here are the best photos BootsnAll featured in February 2011. Click through to the links under each photo for a larger version.

>> Don’t forget to send in your favorite travel photos, too. No matter where you go, it’s a foreign place to someone out there – so if you’ve got great pictures from your hometown those count as well. It’s easy to submit travel photos, and you can submit as many as you like.

Old Stone Bridge – Skopje, Macedonia — Photo by James T O’Donnell

Girls during a Procession – Mexico — Photo by Luminita Cuna

Poke Nom – Honolulu, Hawaii, USA — Photo by Shannon Edris

A wintry sunset – Paris, France — Photo by Sarah Gonski

Ceiling of the British Museum – London, England — Photo by Debbie Dubrow

Old woman river vendor at floating market – Thailand — Photo by Sherry Wirtz

Have you sent us a photo yet? We aren’t looking for professional photographers here – we’re looking for people who get outside their house now and then and bring a camera with them. Send in your favorite photos – I want to see them!