Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: July 2010

I’ve worked at BootsnAll for more than four years now, and one of the things that’s been a part of my job almost since the beginning has been scheduling the daily travel photos we post. Although I get to take all kinds of little mental vacations throughout my day as I read and write articles for BootsnAll, there’s nothing like the eye-candy of a good travel photo to make me sigh wistfully and start looking up last minute travel deals.

In other words, thanks to all of you who have submitted travel photographs over the years – thanks for making my job even more enjoyable, for sharing your beautiful pictures with BootsnAll readers, and for carrying a camera in the first place!

These are the five travel photos I’ve chosen from the pictures we published in July 2010. Under each image you’ll find a link to the photo on our daily travel photo site, so you can click through to see a bigger version of it as well as find out more about the photographer. And if you’d like to have your travel photographs featured on our travel photos site and be in the running to be highlighted each month in this “best of” round-up, be sure to submit your travel pictures to us. Send in as many as you like – I’ll get to all of them eventually.

Here are the best BootsnAll travel photos we featured in July 2010.


Travertine Pool at Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming, USA — Photo by Brian Setzer


Lost in the Fog – San Francisco, CA, USA — Photo by Chuck Kuhn


Dinner prep, night stalls – Marrakech, Morocco — Photo by Matt Long


India girl – India — Photo by Ed Abell


Springbok at Sunset – Namibia — Photo by Kim Walker

Don’t think you’re a travel photographer? I’m not looking for photos taken just by pros – if you’ve taken a trip somewhere and taken photos on that trip, I want to see your best shots. Remember, even if it’s a picture of your hometown, that’s a travel photo to anyone who hasn’t been there. Send in your photos, people, I want to see them!