Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: July 2011

When I was a kid, summer meant sleeping late, doing nothing, complaining about being bored, and – most of all – not having homework. I distinctly recall how the first “back to school” ads on TV and in the newspaper had the effect of smelling salts, shaking me out of my state of blissful ignorance and reminding me that all things (including summer) come to an end.

Raise your hand if this sounds familiar.

Whether this time of year means “back to school” shopping in the literal sense for you or those ads just remind you to avoid Bed Bath & Beyond for another month, we’d like to suggest a metaphorical meaning. If we assume travel is a great teacher, then “back to school” shopping can also mean shopping for your next trip, right? And since September kicks off one of the shoulder seasons in many parts of the world (spring in one hemisphere, fall in the other), this is a great time to start hunting for a trip that you’ll take a couple of months from now.

Need some inspiration? Check out our brand-spanking-newly redesigned WhyGo homepage, a list of shoulder season travel destinations, and this month’s collection of travel photos below.

>> Hey, folks, please send us your favorite travel photos! No matter where you go, it’s a foreign place to someone out there – so if you’ve got great pictures from your hometown those count as well. It’s easy to submit your photos, and you can send in as many as you like. We look forward to featuring your travel pictures next month!

Lightning Strikes Once – Vang Vieng, Laos :: Photo by Robert Schrader
>> Did you know that Laos is one of the countries you can travel in for under $500?

Wadi Rum, Jordan :: Photo by Ross Effler
>> Book an adventure trip to see the highlights of Jordan, including Wadi Rum and Petra.

Indian Elephant – Jaipur, India :: Photo by Stuart Mathieson
>> Look for cheap airfare to India

San Juan Mountains in the Fall – Telluride, Colorado :: Photo by Kimberly Bodick
>> Find Colordo on this list of 10 of the best places to hike in the United States.

Have you sent us a photo yet? We aren’t looking for professional photographers here – we’re looking for people who get outside their house now and then and bring a camera with them. Send in your favorite photos – we want to see them!