Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: June 2010

I love to write, and I love that people read what I have to say. And I also know that travel photos are often better at conveying messages. This point was re-emphasized at the recent Travel Blog Exchange conference in New York, where Everything Everywhere‘s Gary Arndt presented a well-received talk he called “Travel Porn.” If you weren’t at the conference and didn’t catch the livestream of Gary’s presentation, let’s just say that there’s a large contingent of people for whom travel photos are infinitely more important than the words near them.

We love featuring your travel photos on BootsnAll, and I love highlighting a few favorites each month. Here are the five photos I’ve picked from the pictures we published in June 2010. Under each picture you’ll find a link to the photo on our daily travel photo site, so you can click through to see a bigger version of it as well as find out more about the photographer. And if you’d like to have your travel photographs featured on our travel photos site and be in the running to be highlighted each month in this “best of” round-up, be sure to submit your travel pictures to us. Send in as many as you like – I will likely use them all eventually.

Here are the best BootsnAll travel photos we featured in June 2010.


Ta Prohm – Angkor Wat, Cambodia — Photo by Kim Walker


Dos Ojos – Mexico — Photo by Alex Berger


Sardines and Socks – Sabinillas, Spain — Photo by Dee Andrews


Reflections – The Louvre, Paris, France — Photo by Chuck Kuhn


Vegetable Market – Baikonur, Kazakhstan — Photo by Shane Shrader

Whether you’re a professional photographer or frequent traveler or not, if you leave your living room occasionally and you bring a camera with you, you’ve probably taken what I consider travel photos. Remember, even if it’s a picture of your hometown, that’s a travel photo to anyone who hasn’t been there. Send in your photos, people, I want to see them!