Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: May 2011

As summer arrives to the Northern Hemisphere, I know lots of people are in the midst of planning their summer vacations. Many have had to retool their plans, considering the high price of airfare, but we’re already starting to see glimmers of hope that there will once again be cheap tickets out there by the fall (if not before).

So, what are your travel plans this year? Will you be taking the trip you planned without any changes? Have you altered the destination to a place that’s cheaper to reach? Did you scrap the idea of a holiday altogether?

No matter what your vacation status is for 2011, we know that no trip can come soon enough – which is why we’re always happy to provide travel inspiration and daydreaming fodder for you between trips. Toward that end, along with the travel articles we post every day, we also post traveler eye candy in the form of daily travel photos. Even if you can’t pack up and leave town right now, there’s no reason why your brain can’t take a little journey!

Here’s a selection of some of our favorite travel pictures from May 2011 – and don’t forget to click on the links under each photo so you can see it in all its full-sized glory.

>> Hey, travelers, please send us your favorite travel photos! No matter where you go, it’s a foreign place to someone out there – so if you’ve got great pictures from your hometown those count as well. It’s easy to submit your photos, and you can send in as many as you like. We look forward to featuring your travel pictures next month!

Sighnaghi Vista – Sighnaghi, Republic of Georgia :: Photo by Johnny McRae
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Wedding Guests – La Paz, Bolivia :: Photo by Luis Rafael Bastardo Arjona
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Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA :: Photo by Sherry Ezhuthachan
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Malaspina Galleries, Gabriola Island, B.C. :: Photo by Kathrin Spaccarelli
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Xativa Castle Ruins – Xativa Spain :: Photo by Vanessa Watson
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Smiling Bayon – Cambodia :: Photo by Kim Walker
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Have you sent us a photo yet? We aren’t looking for professional photographers here – we’re looking for people who get outside their house now and then and bring a camera with them. Send in your favorite photos – we want to see them!

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