Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: November 2010

We’re closing in on the end of the year and that means there are even more distractions than normal from the travel dreaming many of us do on a daily basis. The holidays typically involve traveling, but it’s the schlepping home to see family kind of traveling – it’s not the setting off in search of new horizons stuff.

But let’s not forget those travel dreams. Let’s not wait until after the holidays to think about where we want to go next year. Let’s not wait until after the credit card bill comes in to start fantasizing about finding a cheap ticket to India or a cheap hotel in Honolulu. This is the time to think about what plane we’ll be hopping on come March, May, or September.

If nothing else, that kind of travel day-dreaming will get us through some dreary moments in the next few weeks.

Here, then, is a source of travel inspiration for you – a few of our favorite photos from our daily travel photo site from the past month.

Here are the best BootsnAll photos we featured in November 2010.

>> And remember, when you leave town – with your camera, of course – don’t forget to send us your best photos from your travels. You can submit your travel pictures easily – we want to see them!

Ice Cave – Jostedal, Norway — Photo by Kim Walker

Tapas Bar – Barcelona, Spain — Photo by Michael Rasmussen

Alaskan Beach – Alaska, USA — Photo by Rachel Denning

Una notte al colosseo – Rome, Italy — Photo by Vanessa Stella

Sunrise, Monument Valley – USA — Photo by Stephen Langlois

Have you sent us a photo yet? We aren’t looking for professional photographers here – we’re just looking for people who get outside their house now and then and bring a camera with them. Remember, even if you take pictures of your hometown, those are travel photos to anyone who hasn’t been there. Send in your best photos, people, I want to see them!