Best BootsnAll Travel Photos: September 2010

September’s over? How did that happen?

Alas, that old saying about how time flies is true, and we’re only a few months away from the end of the year. True travel enthusiasts probably think there’s no bad time to plan the next trip, but the months between summer vacation and the holidays is an excellent time to dream about the next place you want to go. And what better way to fuel the travel dream tank than by staring at beautiful pictures from around the world?

Every week we feature several photos on our daily travel photo site, and they’re designed to give you a little break from your everyday routine. Then, each month, we highlight the best of those travel photos – just in case you missed one earlier in the month. We hope that seeing these pictures every day and every month helps you get fired up about visiting a destination you might not have thought about before.

Here are the best BootsnAll photos we featured in September 2010.

>> And remember, if you get out of your town and you happen to bring a camera, we want to see your photos! You can submit your travel pictures easily via our daily travel photo site.

Luna Park – Melbourne, Australia — Photo by Darin Rogers

Everest Trek — Photo by Ed Abell

Cemetary – Punta Arenas, Argentina — Photo by Jodi (Legal Nomads)

Space Needle Reflection – Seattle, USA — Photo by Darin Rogers

Himba Mother and Son – Namibia — Photo by Heather Tamara Munoz

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