Best of BootsnAll’s WhyGo Travel Guides 2010

Most loyal BootsnAll readers know that every day we post a featured travel article on our homepage. We also publish the occasional guest post, show you a wanderlust-inducing daily travel photo, connect you to other travelers in our forums, and offer up a whole host of travel tips and tools to help you plan your ideal trip, whether that be a solo trip around the world or a weekend road trip close to home.

But did you know we also host dozens of niche and destination-specific sites that offer in-depth information from experts? With a team of writers living all over the world, we cover 14 destinations and 2 travel themes, with plans for even more in the future.  Covering everything from train travel and cheap hotels to the best local food and how to curse in the local language, these guides offer a wealth of information for travelers. Here are some of the best 2010 posts from our WhyGo network.

Las Vegas

Travel Gear

  • How to Choose the Best Travel Tent – Find the best tent for your needs and budget with these useful tips and suggestions.
  • The Best Hiking Backpacks – Resident gear expert Amiee has tested dozens of backpacks; here she puts her experience to use recommending the best backpacks for hikers.
  • Best Netbooks for Traveling – Traveling techies face a unique set of challenges when it comes to gear. Check out suggestions for light and sturdy netbooks great for people on the go.



  • How to Eat Thai Food – Confused by curries or scared of spices? WhyGo Thailand writer Catherine walks you through what you need to know about eating in Thailand.
  • Market Shopping in Chang Mai – In a city full of markets, here are the best spots to find unique and affordable souvenirs.








  • Best Greek Islands for Views – Who doesn’t dream of watching a beautiful sunset from one of Greece’s hundreds of islands? WhyGo Greece writer Cristina tells us where to go for the best views.
  • Best Party Islands in Greece – If your Greece trip is more about letting loose than snuggling up with a loved one, check out these three top party islands.


  • What to Wear in France in Summer – WhyGo France writer Christine gives us the straight talk on how to avoid a clothing faux pas in fashionable France.
  • Ten Things to Do in Provence – Check out ten quintessential experiences to have in one of the most beautiful regions of France. C’est magnifique!
  • Menu Tips for France – Read it, bookmark it, print it out, tuck it in your pocket for your trip to France, and never wind up with a heap of unidentifiable innards on your plate again.



  • Best Cafes in Paris for People-Watching – Sitting in a cafe watching the world go is a favorite activity of many tourists. Here are the best spots for an afternoon of people-watching in Paris.
  • Tipping in Paris – Navigating the tricky rules of tipping in Paris can be difficult for visitors. Check out these rules to avoid a tipping gaffe.


  • Best Places for Afternoon Tea in London – If high tea ranks high on your list of London must-do’s, check out these suggestions for the best places to enjoy it.
  • Free Things to Do in London – In a city known for eating up a travel budget quickly, there’s a surprising number of free things to do in London. WhyGo London writer Melanie gives us the scoop.

Business Travel

  • Best Frequent Flyer Programs If trying to figure out the many rules and regulations of different frequent flyer programs is driving you crazy, check here for a simple breakdown of which programs offer the best perks.
  • How to Get a First Class or Business Class Upgrade – There are a lot of useless ideas out there on how to get the elusive upgrade; here’s some no-nonsense advice that actually works.
  • Travel Apps for Blackberry Because iPhone users shouldn’t have all the fun, this post highlights some useful travel apps available for those of use addicted to our Blackberries.

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