Big Brother’s African Brother #17: Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

Day 15: 12 August 2002 8:00 pm

Roberta announces to the group that she had a terrible nightmare about missing breakfast.

Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi

We hired out a mokoro (dug out canoe) this morning and were happy to escape
across the lake to Far Out Island Camp. This camp was in a tranquil setting
and had a comfortable bar area with deck chairs. Here we drank tea whilst
looking through gorilla books and a book called “Where Is My Home?” which
contained a collection of drawings and writings done by children from three
Northern Uganda rehabilitation centres and from Acholi Pit refugee camp. It
recounted their ordeal of experiencing war, attacks on their homes,
abduction, being forced to fight, fear of being killed, and escaping the

Since the late 1980s, the Lords Resistance Army has been the most prominent
rebel group operating in the northern districts of Uganda. Since 1993, it
is estimated that 8,000 children have been abducted – adolescent girls are
given to rebels as wives and children serve as soldiers. The idea of the
book is to allow children an outlet for their emotions, a form of
counselling, that is part of the recovery process.

After spending a couple of hours at Far Out Camp we paddled back and donated
our mokoro to Philip and Rose. Next, we walked to a tiny local market where
you could buy fruit and second hand clothes (most of which were from Unicef
and Oxfam).

Roberta has transformed into “Kevin the teenager” (a Harry Enfield
caricature of an adolescent) huffing and puffing every time she is asked to
do the slightest chore and saying “it is so unfair”. I observed her spend
20 minutes waving the same wooden spoon in the air while the rest of the
chore group finished the washing up.

Martine has managed to sneak away from the group by upgrading to a cottage
on the terraces. She said it was bliss to relax on a real bed. However,
she has now been savaged by bed bugs so for once I was glad I was in a tent.

It was Barbara’s birthday so we played musical chairs and pass the parcel
with forfeits inside each wrapper. Tom had to change trousers with
Belinda next to him. Natasha painted a superb birthday card. She is
incredibly talented. In the past she has paid her board at hostels by
painting murals on their walls.

Positives: Far Out Camp would be the place to stay at Lake Bunyonyi if you
are planning a visit.

Negatives: Roberta and Beth woke us up by talking at the tops of their
voices late at night in their tent about inane subjects.

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