Big Brother’s African Brother #20: Kisoro to Kampala, Uganda

Kisoro to Kampala, Uganda

Day 18: 15 August 2002 6:00 pm

Tempers are frayed due to a 4:00am start. An unsavoury smell emanates from the truck.

We need to cover over 460km today back to Kampala, hence the early start.
The truck stinks to high heaven and the road back to Kisoro was torture.

Call the fashion police; everyone has started wearing tevas and socks. I’ve
always been amused by the Germans for wearing socks in sandals but for days
now, I’ve resurrected this fashion faux pas in the evenings to stop the
mozzies dive bombing my feet and to stop painful cracks in my heels from
getting infected. No matter how hard I try, I can’t stop the mozzies from
biting me. I’ve come to the conclusion that it must be in the camp showers
even though I always try to take a shower in daylight hours.

We stopped at a drum market outside Kampala. The drums are made from goat
and cow skin, but we were not tempted as we already have two drums at home.
Our tour leader bought three drums – there has to be some perks to the job, it
is a very difficult one.

We arrived at the campsite in time to get much needed washing done, but as I
was on washing up duty I did not have any free time in the evening. Roberta
called home to tell “Mummy and Daddy” that she had survived the gorillas and
bounced straight back out to tell us that “her best friend has moved into
the farm” at the top of her voice. While this snippet of information may be
of monumental importance to her, I couldn’t care less whether the royal
family moves in with them. Every minute item of her life has to be related
to the group at 100 decibels to ensure we all hear.

Positives: At least after the long drive we get two nights in Kampala to recover.

Negatives: I now look like a cross between a butch German tourist and a bag lady.

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