Boogie With the Rich And Famous – Australasia

Boogie With the Rich And Famous
PADI Diving
By Steve Bond

“Big Willies Relieve Anal Frustration.”

It’s not something you normally want to hear from a man dressed in tight rubber, but if you’re learning to scuba dive this summer it’s a phrase that might pop up. Don’t worry though, it’s all in the name of safety.

Thousands of travellers will learn to scuba dive this year with PADI, the Professional Association of Dive Instructors. Part of the training includes learning B.W.R.A.F – an acronym standing for Buoyancy device, Weights, Releases, Air supply and Final OK – the safety check every diver completes before entering the water.

To make it easier, PADI created “Begin With Review And Friend”, a simple saying that made BWRAF memorable, but then divers around the world began to invent their own, giving birth to a surreal assortment of sayings.

On a trip to Belize I dived with locals using “Burgers With Relish And Fries”, whilst on Ko Tao, a tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand, they preferred “Bring Weed, Rizla’s And Fags”. A close friend swears by “Big Women Really Are Fun”, which might be popular in the Red Sea where “Boogie With the Rich And Famous” is favoured. “Beautiful Walls Reef And Fish” was the spiritual saying on the Great Barrier Reef, whereas a strange man in Coral Bay kept repeating “Big White Rabbits Are Furry”, making me question his sanity and my reasons for diving with him.

My favourite though was revealed in Exmouth, Western Australia, when an instructor uttered the immortal line, “Bruce Willis Ruins All Films”, prompting the rest of us to nod in thoughtful agreement.