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BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform

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I know this is not the typical feature article that we publish here, but we are excited about launching the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform today and wanted to share it with our readers.

But first, a bit of history…

Since Chris, Nick and I started BootsnAll in 1998, we’ve been driving toward ways to build win-win relationships so that the traveler could be served in the best possible way. When Nick moved to Bali in 2002 to start – perhaps the web’s first daily-updated travel guide – we were on the road to what is now the launch of the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform.

Check out this video for what it is all about – or scroll to below the video for the highlights.

Video Highlights:

Who is the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform for?

5 reasons to Apply

5 Reasons to Apply
  1. Travel content and creative folks
  2. People located or based anywhere on the planet; the need to be well-connected to the web is more important than where you are physically located
  3. Content and creative peeps who are passionate about a topic in travel that is: a destination (Italy, Hawaii, Bali, Australia, Amsterdam, etc.), or a travel theme (Business Travel, Adventure Travel, Travel Gear, etc.)
  4. People who understand that the nature of building something of quality takes time and consistent and persistent effort, while contributing in a team environment

Who is this platform not for?

  1. Strictly SEO-focused people with little or no content/creative skills (yes, SEO is critically important, and we view it as part of an overall marketing strategy, not separate)
  2. Someone who already runs 30 (give or take) sites on the topic/destination – we are committing to and investing in you, we expect the same in return
  3. Someone who is looking to fill a part-time gap in earning as a freelancer – a short-term commitment is more likely to be lose-lose vs. win-win

I am pumped out of my skull to be a part of this. We have been in the online travel publishing/community business for 12+ years. We want to be around 12+ years from now, and we think this win-win method of building the best travel sites on the web will be a competitive advantage for all involved.

Read more about the BootsnAll Travel Writers Platform – including a growing list of FAQs – and please apply if you think you might be a good match.

Do you want to learn more? Do you have questions that haven’t been answered? Call me. Email me. Tweet me. As always, I welcome your feedback.

Search a Multi-Stop Route