BootsnAll’s Favorite iPhone Apps for Travel

You can’t go anywhere on the web lately without seeing stories about the new iPad – and many of the travel writers I know are already talking about how they’re looking forward to using the iPad on their trips. But as cool as the iPad undoubtedly is, if you’re walking around a city doing the usual sight-seeing routine, it’s a little big to be pulling in and out of your backpack or purse. The iPhone or iPod Touch, on the other hand, is small enough to pop in and out of your pocket just when you need it.

Which is why it’s not surprising that such a huge number of the apps in the iTunes App Store are travel-related.

We’ve written a whole series of articles around BootsnAll recently about iPhone travel apps for various destinations, and rather than think you might miss one (quel horreur!), we thought we’d gather them all up for you in one place – and this is the place. Consider this your table of contents to BootsnAll’s iPhone travel apps articles, if you will. And since there are new apps being added to the iTunes store all the time, we hope you’ll leave suggestions of your favorite apps (if they’re not on these lists) as comments on these articles so we can update them.

  • Best iPhone Apps for RTW Travel – Long-term travelers appreciate anything that’s a multi-tasker, which the iPhone certainly is. And while these apps are really handy if you’re on a RTW trip to lots of different destinations, they’re also great for travelers in general.
  • Italy iPhone Travel & Language Apps – This is a list of Italy apps any Italophile would be happy to have; the “Italian grandmother’s remedies” app in particular amuses the heck out of me, but the language and travel apps are the useful ones.
  • France iPhone Travel & Language Apps – There are France maps and French language guides on this list, including one that’s just about deciphering French menus, and there are also fun apps here for French wine zones, French radio, and a Tour de France game.
  • Paris iPhone Travel & Language Apps – From walking tours to metro maps to guides to what’s free in Paris, this list of iPhone apps for France’s capital will help any traveler in the city. And don’t miss the app that’s a guide to all the best chocolate, pastry, and sweet shops in Paris.
  • Amsterdam iPhone Travel & Language Apps – While you may not need the Dutch phrasebook very often, the Amsterdam walking tours, maps, and even the app for planning bike riding routes will be handy. Also? The fact that the official Rijksmuseum app is called the “Rijkswidget” makes me giggle to no end.
  • Las Vegas iPhone Travel Apps – Even if the casino you’re staying in doesn’t have its own app (and many do), there are still some Las Vegas city guides and maps listed here that are useful to everyone who visits Sin City. There’s also a handy app to help you find (and get into) the hottest clubs, and several apps to teach you how to play all those card games you’ll lose money playing.
  • Spain iPhone Travel & Language Apps – Yes, there are the usual apps you’d expect to find here, like city guides to Barcelona and Madrid, a guide to the best clubs in Ibiza, and maps and audio guides for some of the most popular attractions. Maybe it’s just because I’m hungry, but even with all those my favorites are the augmented reality tapas-finding apps.
  • Greece iPhone Travel & Language Apps – This list includes maps, country-wide travel guides (including one that has all the ferry schedules in Greece), and an audio guide for the Acropolis. There’s also a host of Greek mythology apps to choose from, and some Greek phrasebooks you can use. Because, y’know, otherwise it’s all Greek to me. (I’m sorry, I had to.)
  • Australia iPhone Travel & Language Apps – Several of the Australian states have produced their own apps, which is great, and there are city guide apps listed here, too. There’s one app that’s just picture after gorgeous picture of Australian scenery, but perhaps the most entertaining ones are the Aussie slang guides and quizzes.
  • Business Travel iPhone Apps – As much as I hate to admit it, not all travel is for fun. So for those of you who are road warriors of the business travel variety, this list of apps can help make both your travels and work duties easier to manage.

And just to show you we’re not leaving the iPad crowd out, there’s a list of the best iPad travel accessories over at the Travel Gear Blog.

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