BootsnAll’s Guide to Holiday Travel Advice and Gift Giving

Not everyone realizes that BootsnAll is the center of a network of travel sites, and that many other sites within this network deal with specific destinations or themes. Even if you did know all about these sites there’d be no way of keeping track of all of our holiday-related content. Below you’ll find some of our best articles that deal with holiday travel as well as gift guides for many of the special people in your life who are fond of one particular place or subject.

In many cases you’ll notice that the articles listed below have more information linked within each piece. We try to organize information so that people interested in one topic have a choice of related topics at their finger tips, so there is usually more here than you might even realize.

Holiday travel tips and advice


Christmas travel deals

Here’s a guide to Christmas travel bargains, tips for the airports on holidays, the best and worst days to fly, plus bonus guides to budget airlines in the US and in Canada.

How to find cheap Christmas flights

You’ve probably heard some of this advice before, but this article also includes helpful advice on booking low-cost airlines and using alternate airports.

Christmas airport travel tips

Those of us who stay home on the holidays love a chance to see the news people down at our local airport reporting on the madness. Here’s some handy advice on how to stay sane while dealing with the craziness yourself.

New Years travel deals

Unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving, New Years travel tends to be all about certain busy destinations and this advice will help you sort out your best options.

Finding cheap New Years airfare

Again, New Years presents its own challenges, so this advice on how to find the best deals on flights should be helpful for those wanting to ring in the new year away from home.

Gift guides based on destination or theme


Gifts for Paris lovers

Sure, nearly everyone says they love Paris, but if you have someone on your list that borders on obsession with the place then this handy guide with 26 gift suggestions should be a great place to start looking.

Gifts for Italy fans

Our Italy expert, Jessica Spiegel, has put together an incredibly entertaining and thorough list of 65 gift ideas for the Italy-lover in your life.

Gifts for London lovers

One of the world’s great cities has more than its fair share of unique gift items that will remind someone of London. Here’s a list of 29 things that should at least inspire you to find just the right thing for your London-obsessed friends.

Gifts for Las Vegas and gambling fans

This list of 14 items covers many fun and surprisingly cheap gift ideas for people who love the whole Vegas scene as well as people who like to through their own Texas Hold ‘Em party with authentic lounge music to match.

Gifts under $50 for travelers

Here’s a really nice looking group of 50 gift ideas for that person in your life who loves to travel more than they love any one particular destination. There are camping items and luggage and accessory ideas and plenty more where that came from.


Gifts for writers

If you know someone who fancies themselves as a bit of a scribe then these 18 gift ideas should be a great place to get inspiration for the perfect gift to help their career along.

Green gift ideas

Of course this is about “green” gifts rather than things for fans of the color itself. This list has 25 ideas for that eco-person in your life who cares more about the planet than they do about themselves.

Travel gadget gifts for gadget lovers

Everyone knows at least a few people who just seem to love small things that do interesting tasks, so this group of suggestions is ideal for them.

Best netbooks for travel

Everyone seems to want a netbook this year, and while these might not be ideal as a person’s one and only computer, they are excellent for taking along on the road. Here’s a list of all the most popular models and their specs.

Kindle 2 Book Reader

Like it or not, paper books are on their way out and “e-books” are fast replacing them. Amazon’s Kindle 2 is a huge improvement from the first model and it’s easily the industry standard at this point. Fans of books won’t want one, but fans of reading probably will.

Kindle 2 accessories

Just like any other good gadget out there that has become the center of its own universe, there is a large industry based around accessories for the Kindle 2, and this article tells us about some of the best.

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