Brazil: A Bird-Watching Paradise

Located along the southern border of the Amazon in Brazil lies the Cristalino Jungle Lodge. The jungle is found on the Private National Heritage Reserve of Cristalino. More than 600 species of birds reside on this exotic, 7,000 acre preserve. It’s popular among ornithologists, bird admirers, and tourists that venture here from all over the world.

Why Are There So Many Different Species of Birds Found Here?
The reason why there are so many kinds of birds at the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is because of the perfect habitats that naturally develop here. The rainforest, which is located on the Cristalino Reserve, is home to eight forests. Within each one, you’ll find specific bird species that live there. Some of these birds are rarely seen, though.



One of the reasons for this could be  that the there are several rivers that border the area: The Madeira, Teles Pires, and Xingu rivers outline the region. The Cristalino Reserve has several types of forests that contain various types of vegetation. Some of the varieties of bird species that are native to the Cristalino Reserve include the Blackgirdled Barbet, the Orange-cheeked Parrot, the Hoatzin, Crimson-bellied parakeet, the Red-fan Parrot, the Bare-eyet Antbird, the Trumpeter and the Manikin. Bird species that can always be seen throughtout the reserve are Macaws, Antbirds, Parrots  and Toucans.

Popular Attractions and Activities

Guides walk the trails, as well as travellers, to ensure their safety. The guides carry telescopes, binoculars, bird books and a bird-call device as well. There is a restriction of only eight people per group. Also, there cannot be more than one group using any single trail at a time. Many tourists come not for bird watching, but for watching butterflies, mammals and reptiles such as tapirs, primates, capybaras, peccaries and caimans.

In addition to beautiful trails, the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is well known for the many bird watchers that line observation towers – which are over 50 meters high! These towers rise above the beautiful tropical flora and offer a breathtaking view of the rainforest. You can also see more than six different types of treetop-dwelling birds, such as the Pompadour and Purple-throated Cotingas, macaws, Red-fan parrots, Kawall’s Parrots, and the Opal-rumped Tanagers.

Another excellent way to go bird watching is by taking a boat ride on the Cristalino River. Many people also enjoy taking a canoe out on the water. There you can observe the various species of waterfowl. There are herons, as well as kingfishers that you can watch as they interact with other mammals such as iguanas, cairmans, and capybaras. If you enjoy bird watching in the evening, you can do so and view the nocturnal birds. Some of these include the Black-banded Owl, the Crested Owl, the Long-tailed Potoo and the Great Potoo. The wild life in Brazil is amazing, but even more so if you love birds!

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