Author: Hannah Miller

Calling All Travel Writers – Become a BootsnAll Contributor

Hey there. My name is Hannah Miller. I’ve been the editor at BootsnAll for about a year now, working behind the scenes as we reboot our site and clean up our archive of thousands (yes, thousands) of travel stories. This is, quite honestly, my dream job. I started reading BootsnAll at the tender age of fifteen and successfully submitted my first article just a year later. The BootsnAll community launched me into a freelance writing career that grew to support my own international travels. Now, I want to read your stories!

BootsnAll was one of the first three travel sites on the internet and we’re dreaming bigger every year. If you’re an aspiring travel writer, an adventurer with a penchant for journaling, or a long-time BootsnAll reader, this is your chance to get involved with our community.

We want to help you grow and we want to grow with you.

Since BootsnAll’s inception in 1998, we have believed that travel transforms us. Travel erases borders. Travel is aspirational, inspirational, and fundamental all at once. We even co-wrote the Indie Travel Manifesto because we wanted to put words around some of the reasons #WhyWeTravel.

We want to continue to bring new voices into the conversation. That’s YOU.

We want to ask the question “Why do you travel?”

We have been moving towards transformational stories since 2011, detailed guides to off-the-beaten-path locations, and content with a strong takeaway for other travelers. We’re looking into WHY we travel. The Indie Travel Manifesto and posts in our RTW Wednesday category provide a good insight into what we’re looking for.

To find your best submission idea, look for topics you have experience in or a travel moment that changed your life. Try to find a travel problem that needs to be solved, or take a stand on a travel topic. Always consider your readers and what they should take away from your story.

Anyone can contribute to BootsnAll. Share your stories to build the BootsnAll community!

Start by carefully reading our Submissions Guidelines. Find your unique angle, and check out our recent stories to get a feel for what we publish, including:

  • Solo travel
  • Family travel
  • In-depth, unusual destination guides
  • Transformational travel stories
  • Independent travel advice
  • RTW travel
  • The ‘why’ behind travel
  • And more!

Submit a pitch.

I look forward to diving into your travel stories!

Talk soon,

Hannah Miller