Cambridge, England Travel Guide

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Monthly Updates

August 2001 Article
Philip makes a token effort to get some culture this summer and checks out the Cambridge Shakespeare Festival.

July 2001 Article
Philip turns his eye to the artistic life in Cambridge. Cambridge Open Studios helps to promote the making of original works of art and craft by local artists.

June 2001 Article
This month Philip leaves Cambridge for a small town called Ely (second smallest in the UK) to explore its famous cathedral and its place in history.

May 2001 Article
Philip gives his first impressions on his new home. Though small in size, it has a lot of diversity and then, of course, there are the students…

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A Short Walk Around Cambridge
Philip takes you on a leisurely stroll around town, a perfect way to enjoy a sunny day.

General Info
Basic facts on the city, including transport, accommodation and nightlife.

Philip kicks off with a quick run down of major events in this old university town.

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