Chasing the Sun

Bid and Renee

Bid and Renee have sold it all to find a new home, somewhere around the world. They’ll take their time figuring it out though.

Renée is 34 years old and has lived in Atlanta, Georgia her entire life. Emmanuel, otherwise known as "Bid," is a 31-year-old native Basque Frenchman who grew up in the United States since the age of 5. Together they will be backpacking for 2 years, to approximately 54 countries on 6 continents. They have both traveled quite a bit, but nothing can prepare them for the amazing adventure they are currently embarking on. The dream is coming true! After selling the house, the car and packing up all of their worldly possessions, they will search for a new place to live along the way. They are looking forward to meeting lots of new people and friends, learning about other cultures and gaining a better understanding of the world around them.

Renée and Bid met while working for a Global Food Distributor in Atlanta. He was selling chicken; she was assisting the CEO. They have many friends around the world through this company which they are hoping to visit during the trip.

Interests and hobbies for Renée are hiking, horses, reading, catering parties and entertaining. Emmanuel enjoys anything that has to do with water, snowboarding, hiking, and experiencing culinary delights the world over. We want to learn how to surf and scuba dive, and climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ben Nevis and trek on the Annapurna Range.

You can reach Bid and Renée at

With renovations and innoculations behind them, it’s time to get going. Anyone care to meet up for a drink?

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