Christchurch, New Zealand – February 2000

Been and Gone

Well everyone’s now back at work and schools. It will be a big day for those wee 5 year olds just starting school. Then there’s the feeling a little older, first year at intermediate, next are the cool teenagers starting high school for the first time. But then are the students at polytechnic, or college, then workers ready for that new start of the year. Some hope the year will be great and fast while others slow and a drag.

Life this year will change for so many us while others it will still be the same. People will travel for the first time and enjoy it! Yep it’s a New Year and I’m looking forward to that new start. In fact, 1999 has just been and gone! Enjoy this month folks.

Events for February

Clear Festival of Romance

Date: 5/2/2000 – 14/2/2000

Location: Right here in Christchurch.

Awesome arts and entertainment festival featuring music, theatre, dance, lectures, workshops, exhibitions, seminars, food, flowers and fun, all with Romance as the underlying theme.

To find out more, contact

Jodi Wright

Ph: +64 33772365 or Fax: +64 33772576

PDL Motor Racing Classic

Date: 5/2/2000 – 6/2/2000

Location: Right here in Christchurch.

Classic and Historic racing cars from all over the world will be converging on the Ruapuna International Raceway for two days of exciting motor racing. Lotuses, Coopers, ERAs, Matras, Brabhams, Formula Fords, Triuphs, MGs, Healeys, and Alfas will all provide entertaining, close racing. The first event in the Southern Festival of Speed Millennium Series.

To find out more, contact

Mr Keith Cowan

Ph: +64 33652500 or Fax: +64 33479064


Garden City Festival of Flowers

Date: 18/2/2000 – 27/2/2000

Location: Right here in Christchurch.

A mixed bouquet of events, displays, activities and exhibition with a floral theme. An attempt will be made to construct the world’s largest circular floral carpet.

To find out more, contact

Fred Hollingworth

Ph: +64 33655403 or Fax: +64 33662767

Warren Pringle

Ph: +64 33655043

Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve

Since 1859, the thermal springs of Hanmer Springs, New Zealand have attracted visitors seeking to relax, unwind and ease their aches and pains in the soothing mineral waters.

Hanmer in Winter

Just 90 minutes drive north of Christchurch, the major gateway to the South Island of New Zealand, the mineral springs are in the centre of the Alpine Village of Hanmer Springs. An all year round holiday destination offering a variety of outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking, forest walks, river rafting, bungy jumping, and much more.

Today Hanmer Springs Thermal Reserve is the South Islands leading visitor attraction with over 2 million visitors enjoying the hot springs since their revamp in November 1992.



Amuri Avenue, PO Box 30

Hanmer Springs, New Zealand

Ph: +64 3 315 7511

Fax: +64 3 315 7528


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