Christchurch, New Zealand – March 2000

The closer April comes towards us the closer Summer will be to ending. At the end of March it’s usually Autumn just beginning. But, yes there’s a but! Christchurch has been soaring in the 30’s heat range. We rarely get this sort of heat and Christchurch residents are not used to these temperatures. It’s a luxury for us. Yep, the beaches are full as well as pools and beautiful water holes. If this keeps up, summer may head right past April hopefully. Who knows what will happen? Just don’t get your hopes up.

More about Christchurch
The South Island’s largest city (population 337,000) and main international gateway is a vibrant, cosmopolitan place with exciting festivals, theatre, modern art galleries, great shopping, award-winning attractions and a host of activities. It has been judged one of the top 25 cities of the world by a leading travel magazine.

It has all the amenities of a modern city, but is still very much a regional centre serving the rich rural hinterland, with a laid-back pace to life. Its Gothic revival cathedral, grey-stone nineteenth century buildings, tree-lined avenues and extensive leafy parks have preserved the grace and charm of an earlier era.

Christchurch is a convenient base from which to explore the surrounding rural countryside and the natural attractions and activities of the region. After spending a day in the countryside visitors are able to enjoy international nightlife back in the city.

Dragons Cave Rafting

Ok so it’s not in Christchurch but it’s only four hours away. So big deal! You like caving right? Don’t mind a four-hour drive? Then this is for you! It’s the best in the South Island. At least I think it is. I wouldn’t know cause I’ve never been caving.

But I can tell you I’ve been to Greymouth! They have some awesome stuff there. That’s why I chose caving! Here’s the details….

Are you looking for an adventure of mystery, romance and intrique?
Then try Dragons Cave Rafting. Float through a galaxy world of glow-worms on subterranean lakes, experience the splendour and roar as you slide down underground water-falls or take a cuddle through the love tunnel. Discover enchanting limestone formations in this castle of the underworld. Finish with a hot spa and showers. Trips to suit all ages and abilities. No crowds and no time limits on this trip!

Cost $95 pp. Allow 5 hours. Departing Greymouth, pickups from 8:10am & 1:10pm.

Clifton Road, Greymouth
phone: +64 37686649
fax: +64 37689149


It’s nothing personal but what would be more awesome than having a wedding right here in the wilderness? A few couples have actually bungy jumped after saying their vows! Think about it, an adventurous wedding. Soaring your brain yet?

No? Yes! Great! Native trees, water, the birds, beautiful flowers. Getting ready to pack? Think of it as paradise. I dare you to get married right here in Kiwiland! In fact I’ve got some stuff about it right here on this page. Now go and check it out!

Cashmere Heights Weddings is New Zealand’s most popular wedding and honeymoon co-ordination Company. From eloping couples marrying on a secluded beach to a grand occasion in a large Cathedral, no wedding is too small or too large.

Cashmere Heights Weddings employ New Zealand’s top wedding and portrait photographers and experienced videographers. Honeymoon accommodation in all areas will be recommended. All wedding and honeymoon requirements are carefully taken care of. Cashmere Heights Weddings are members of The International Association of Wedding Professionals. These professionals are based in Auckland, Christchurch and Quennstown.

Great weddings picks:

  • Beach Weddings
  • Cape Reinga Lighthouse Wedding
  • Wedding in a Hot Air Balloon
  • Hidden Island Wedding(Queenstown)
  • South Island West Coast Wedding
  • Steam Boat Wedding (Queenstown)
  • Glacier Wedding (by skiplane or helicopter)
  • Wine Cave Wedding
  • Whale Watch Wedding
  • Skyline Wedding (high above Queenstown)
  • Bungy Wedding (really taking the plunge!)
  • White Island Wedding (active volcano)
  • Fiordland Wedding

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