Christchurch Nutz and Bolts

City Name: Christchurch
Where is it located?: Christchurch is located on the east coast of the South Island, on the South Pacific Ocean. It is about a third of the way down the coast of the south island.
Why do people go there?: There’s a lovely central square and cathedral and a number of duty free shops to explore. Christchurch is the South Island’s largest city, and, appropriately, has a large airport nearby.
How do travelers get there?: If you’re coming from Australia, you can fly directly to the city, however, most come down from Auckland via ferry/train. If you’re coming from the south, a bus will do the trick.
Currency: New Zealand Dollar
City Code: 3
Population: 414,000
Languages: English
Attractions: Cathedral, Central Square, South Island Getaway
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Tourist Office: Old Chief Post Office, Cathedral Square West, Christchurch, Phone: +64 33799629, Fax: +64 33772424, Postal: PO Box 2600 Christchurch, Email:, Website:
When to go: Summer is the driest and warmest time to go, although avoid December and January if you can because of the crowds. November and February can be quite pleasant.
City Specific Events: Summertime produces a number of performance and outdoor festivals. For those down south in the winter, try to catch the Arts Festival.
How to get around?: Expect lots and lots of walking�and some buses. Taxis are, of course, always an option.
Good to know: Christchurch does not have a lot to offer in the city after a day or two.