Coffee Shops – Ashland – Southern Oregon Travel Guide

Coffee consumption is a passionate pastime in Ashland, and distribution centers range from roadside coffee huts for those on the go to sit down hangouts where one can wear away the day in a caffeinated state. Listed below, in no particular order, are a few of the favorites that should get you well on your way.

Evo’s Java House
376 E. Main St. Ashland
Hours: Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm, Sunday 7am-2pm
Evo’s sits right on the corner of E. Main St. and Gresham St.; you can’t miss the white and purple decor, nor the caffeinated individuals strewn about the plentiful outdoor seating. Winter or summer Evo’s gets wonderful morning sun that complements an eye-opening cup of coffee perfectly. The coffee here is strong. The dark Soma roast in particular, though smooth, packs a punch. It seems the interior of Evo’s was designed to accommodate the hyperactive caffeinated brain. Posters and trinkets are scattered about, sitting on counters or hanging from the walls or down from the high ceiling. The floor is checkered red and purple in step with the visual theme. Free Internet access is provided at a single station. In addition to the coffee Evos’ supplies cookies, pastries, soup and burritos, and a booming juice bar.

The Beanery
1602 Ashland St.
Hours: Monday-Friday 5:30am Weekends 6am
Website: Beanery Locations
Located on one of the major thoroughfares in town, this friendly coffee shop is always buzzing. Despite the activity it remains one of the nicer places to sit and enjoy a cup. The open layout and large windows help to create a spacious feeling; a long, covered patio catches any overflow and is used year-round. The Allann Brothers coffee they serve is good and you can buy a bag of your favorite blend in-house. In addition to coffee and espresso the Beanery also offers a wide selection of teas. These blends are also sold in bags on location. Common coffee shop fare is served, including bagels, scones, burritos and quiche. However, those in the know order the cheesecake when it is available. Enjoy!

Grizzly Peak Roasting Co.
11 N. 1st St. – Ashland
Hours: 8am-5pm Daily
This honest coffee shop, tucked away just off Main Street, quietly offers some of the best coffee in town. The coffee, roasted by them, is brewed in various strengths according to your preferences. The interior is comfortable and relaxed and conducive to quiet contemplation rather than addled conversation. Be sure to leave with a bag of coffee (the Bear Creek French Roast comes highly recommended).

120 E. Main St
Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am-9pm Sunday 6:30am-9pm
Even Ashland has a Starbucks. Well two actually; the second is located in Albertson’s at the south end of town. This one, located right smack in the middle of town, is hard to miss and its convenience is often hard to pass up. Equipped with standard Starbucks drinks and eats as well as devices and gadgets for coffee transportation and home brewing. Nice seating outside overlooks Main Street and all the hustle and bustle.

Key of C Coffee House and Bakery
116 Lithia Way
(541) 488-5012

Hours: Monday-Saturday 6am-4pm, Sunday 7am-3pm.
A small hideaway with the most amazing bagels, many swear they’re the best bagels they’ve ever had. Get in early and you can get them right out of the oven! They offer staple bagel flavors daily and at least one special flavor each day of the week to boot. Bagel sandwiches are available, and so are assorted cream cheeses. The coffee here is strong and of good quality. Espresso drinks and a variety of teas are listed, including Yerba Maté. Slide into this animated little shop if you have a spare couple of bucks and a hankering for a bagel, you will not be disappointed.


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