Colin Todhunter – Author Bio

Colin Todhunter
Author Bio

I was born in Liverpool, England and somewhere along the line became hooked on India and now spend most of my time there. I was fortunate enough to get a book published in 2003, Chasing Rainbows in Chennai. It went on to reach the bestseller list (No.3!) of India’s largest bookstore, Landmark. All of the chapters appear on BnA.

As a follow up to the book, I have been writing for the travel section of the South Indian newspaper, the New Sunday Express, which is the weekend version of the New Indian Express. My other travel articles have been published in Newtopia, Eve’s Touch and Fitness First magazines.

Before branching into travel writing, I did writing of a more “serious” nature on various social issues and was published in various academic journals. I am a contributing author of an academic textbook and write and edit brochures, reports and website content on a freelance basis for various European organisations.

I can be contacted at

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