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Copenhagen, or København, is located on the East coast of Denmark, on the Island Sjælland.

When the weather is clear you can actually see Sweden from Copenhagen. At the moment they are building a bridge between Denmark and Sweden, but until it’s finished you can catch several ferries between Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden.

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The city has about one million inhabitants and it is divided in small parts. Each has something to offer to tourists and locals and I will try and give you a small description of each part:

København K is the CITY center with most of the entertainment and sightseeing. This is where Strøget – the 1.2km long shopping street – is, where the Queen and her family live and from here you can catch the ferries from Nyhavn to Sweden.

København S is the island Amager, with Cristiania on Christianshavn, with the airport and the beach.

København Ø is east of the city and called Østerbro. It has its own charm and some sightseeing like "The little mermaid". The National Stadium, Parken, is also located in Østerbro.

København N is north of the city and called Nørrebro. It’s known for having many different minorities. On Nørrebro you will also find Assistens Kirkegård, where HC Andersen and Søren Kirkegård are buried. Many use it as park and in summer it’s a nice place to catch some sun.

København V is the closest to a "red light district", but not as bad as other big cities in Europe that I have heard of. Vesterbro, as it’s also called, has some good and cheap restaurants and some bars. The big sport center, DGI Byen, has just been built close to Central station.

In Frederiksberg you will find the Zoo and some nice parks and cafés.

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