Copenhagen, Denmark – Transport

To get around Copenhagen is very easy.

Parking is expensive so walk, hire a bike or use the public transportation – that’s the Danish way!!!

First of all we have the free citybikes, yes free! All you have to do is find one, which can be hard, but if you do you put a 20 kroner coin in the bike lock and its all yours!!!!

Be aware though that you are only allowed to ride it within the city (there is a fine is you get caught outside the city center). You get the 20 kroner coin back when you replace the bike in the lock.

At the Danish Tourist Information you can by a “Copenhagen Card” which give

you unlimited bus and train rides and free entrance at most museums.

We also have big yellow buses. You can buy tickets on board or discountcards at train stations and selected shops. The night buses don’t run as often as buses doing the day and they cost twice as much as a day ticket, but they are cheaper than a taxi.

The Danish homepage for the city buses is:

If you need to get out of the city you can catch the train. Some of the trains are even worth taking when you want to get from one part of the city to the other, and if you arrive by plane in Copenhagen you can catch a train from the airport to the city. The journey only takes 12 minutes and price is cheap. The trains don’t run at night.

Note: There are a lot of ticket checks in the trains and the fines are big so always buy your ticket before getting on the train.

Taxies are expensive: from the airport to the city will be about 130 dkk.

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