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Antigua, My Third Trip
The first time I was in Antigua, we stayed at a resort called Jolly Beach. The second time was at St. James’ Club for a family wedding. Here I am again, three times a charm! This time I explored St. John’s, its capital of 45,000. With ocean liners, such as Sun Princess and Holidays Dream docking as well at Heritage Quay, the population swells.

As we walked away from our ship, it began to drizzle. We made it on time to stand under the awning watching it pour for a while. Liquid sunshine, it’s called. We meandered in and out of the usual T-shirt, souvenir and jewellery shops. Shopping isn’t for me. We climbed the stairs of Hemingway Cafe, ordered three cappuccinos for $10.75. After that, I explored St. John’s on my own.

Antigua and Barbuda Museum

Antigua and Barbuda Museum

There’s no time limit at the Antigua and Barbuda Museum ($3.00). Behind the glass cases, tools for bread making, hunting methods such as bow and arrow, fish hooks, weapons and warfare are shown. Also on display, is a model of a sugar plantation. There was a receipt, $1200.00 for sold slavery.

Anglican Cathedral of St. John Divine

Anglican Cathedral of
St. John Divine

Walking along side streets, seeing colourful buildings, I had to watch my footing, sidewalks were uneven, huge cracks, some ended with a huge step. At last I found the Anglican Cathedral of St. John Divine. It has gone through numerous destructions and rebuilding in its history. The present neo-Baroque style dates from 1845. Three years later, it attained cathedral status. Its 70-foot twin towers can be seen from many points of the city, including the ship.

I returned to the ship, relaxed on a deck chair, letting the sun’s warmth soak into my skin, thinking I would be in bitter cold soon. I would have liked to stay longer and explore many of the 365 beaches, one for each day of the year.

Sailing from St. John’s was gorgeous, the sun just starting to set, moon already full. Entertainment was spectacular that evening. I looked forward to the next day and Castries.

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