Cyprus Nutz and Bolts

The Basics

Country: Cyprus
Where is it: Cyprus is located in the Middle East, and is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, south of Turkey.
Why do people go here: As with most islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus’ big draw are its beaches. Coastal towns are popular holiday destinations, although the tense political situation has deterred some travelers. Northern Cyprus is dominated by Turks and Southern Cyprus is dominated by Greeks. A UN-manned Green Line divides the two. Cyprus is also known for its fruit, which is protected by a ban on imports.
What are the main entry points: There are only two legal points of entry via plane- the Larnaka and Pafos international airports. If you choose to take a ferry, you must enter in either Limassol and Pafos.
Currency used: Greek Cypriot area: Cypriot pound; Turkish Cypriot area: Turkish lira
Country Code for Phones: 357
Area codes for Major Cities: Larnaka 24, Nicosia 22, Famagusta 23
Other Phone Tips: Phone cards are sold at banks and kiosks. City codes must always be dialed, even in the city.
Religion: Greek Orthodox 78%, Muslim 18%, Maronite, Armenian Apostolic, and other 4%
Population: 770,000
Ethnic Breakdown: Greek 85.2%, Turkish 11.6%, other 3.2%
Government: Republic
Languages: Greek, Turkish, English

Travel Information

Major Cities: Nicosia, Larnaka, Famagusta
Attractions: Hammam Bath, Famagusta’s Othello’s Tower, Larnaka’s tomb of Lazarus
Accommodation: Cyprus Hostels, Larnaka Hostels
Tourism Office locations and links: Cyprus-Tourist Organization, 18 Th. Theodotou Str. P.O. Box 4535, Nicosia, Cyprus, Telephone: +357-2-443374,

Tips for Visiting

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Salamis
Health Issues: No vaccinations are required to enter the country.
When to go: Spring and fall are the best seasons, as summer can be very hot and uncomfortable.
Common Phrases:
Specific Events/Holidays: Independence Day, 1 October (1960); note – Turkish Cypriot area celebrates 15 November (1983) as Independence Day
Getting Around: Island wide buses are available, although service taxis are the most reliable form of transportation.
Good to know: Travel across the green line is prohibited except for tourists making short daytrips from Southern to Northern Nicosia. Travel in northern Cyprus must orginate in Turkey. Sky High Holidays – Cheap quality holidays in Cyprus & Turkey

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