Dakar Travel Facts

The Basics

City Name: Dakar

Where is it located?: On a small peninsula in Senegal sits the city of Dakar

Why do people go there?: Travelers tend to not spend much time in Dakar, as they prefer relaxing clean beaches, compared to the hot, dirty, chaotic street of the capital city. It does have some good food, though.

How do travelers get there?: You can reach Dakar International Airport from much of West Africa and a few European destinations, mainly Paris. There are buses and taxis that will take you to Dakar from Mauritania, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau. A Train from Mali also connects to Dakar.

Currency: CFA Franc

City Code: No City Code

Other phone tips: Phone services are available in the hotels and in the numerous “Tele-Centres” located most major intersection in almost every city.

Population: 2 million

Languages: French, English, Wolof

Travel Information

Neighborhoods: Medina

Attractions: Dakar’s IFAN Museum, Palais Presidentiel, March� Sandaga

Accommodations: Dakar Hostels

Tourist Office: Senegal Tourism Office

Off-the-beaten-path: Cap Manuel, Goree Island

Health Issues: Malaria, Bilharzia, Cholera

Tips for Visiting

When to go: Dry from September to June. Light rain in July and August, mostly at night. Temperatures in the 80’s from May to November, in the 70’s from December to April.

Common Phrases: Asalamu aleikum : Peace be with you, Wa aleikum salam : Peace be with you too, Nanga def: How are you?, Nanga tudd: what’s your name? Man, X la tudd: My name is X, Baal ma: I’m sorry, Wao: yes, Dedete: no, Dama khiff: I am hungry, Dama mar: I am thirsty, Lii niata: How much is it?, Fan la: Where is it? Mangui dem: Good bye

City Specific Events: Paris to Dakar Annual Rally: January

How to get around?: A good way to visit Dakar is to ride the train called, “Le Petit Train Blanc” which is a 90 minute ride through the city

Good to know: Two weeks prior to visiting Senegal, you must be vaccinated against meningitis and yellow fever. If you visit the country in the rainy season, make sure to bring anti-malaria pills.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The main airport serving cheaper flights to Dakar is the Dakar Airport.

Need more information?: Check out the Dakar travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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