Dar es Salaam Travel Facts

The Basics

City Name: Dar es Salaam

Where is it located?: Dar es Salaam is on the Indian Ocean.

Why do people go there?: Compared with Nairobi, it’s a big safe city, with nice beaches, good food, lots of expats, and friendly people.

How do travelers get there?: You can easily reach Dar es Salaam by bus that come from Malawi and Kenya. There is also regular flights into the country from Europe, Kenya, Ethiopia and South Africa.

Currency: Tanzania Shilling, American Dollar, Kenya Shilling

City Code: 51

Other phone tips: There are phone centers throughout the city, mainly on Samora Ave

Population: 2.5 million

Languages: Swahili, English

Travel Information

Neighborhoods: Kijitoynyama, Sinza

Attractions: Msasani, Bongoyo Island, Kariakoo Market

Accommodations: Dar es Salaam Hostels

Tourist Office: Tanzania Tourism Office

Off-the-beaten-path: Kipepeo

Health Issues: Malaria can be a problem in certain regions, as well as typhoid and diarrhea. As long as travelers have the proper shots and drink clean water, they should be fine. Make sure to have a yellow fever shot certificate before you enter the country.

Tips for Visiting

When to go: Avoid late March, April, May and November. The streets are clogged and full of rain.

Common Phrases: Mambo vipi? = What’s up?

City Specific Events: July 7=Saba Saba, Art in Tanzania=November, December

How to get around?: There are loads of buses criss crossing in every direction throughout Dar es Salaam. The price is affordable and can help you avoid long walks through the city.

Good to know: Dar es Salaam has a lot to offer. It’s not in the city center, it’s just outside the city in the suburbs.

Cheapest airport to fly into: The main airport serving cheaper flights to Dar es Salaam is the Julius Nyerere International Airport

Need more information?: Check out the Dar es Salaam travel guide for more on what to see, where to stay, and how to get there.

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