Dinner and Bed in Barcelona – Barcelona, Spain

Dinner and Bed in Barcelona
Barcelona, Spain

Eating and Drinking in Barcelona

When in Barcelona you must eat tapas (the equivalent of appetizers, but for a fraction of the price). Not only will your pocketbook thank you, but you will leave the city having taste-tested its many gastronomical creations. And what better place to become a connoisseur of Catalan cuisine than at tapas bars and cafés?

Las Ramblas and Plaça Reial
Bar Pinotxo
Mercat de la Boquería 66-67, T93-317-17-31
Open Monday through Saturday 0600-1700
Metro Liceu
Bus 14, 38, 59, 91
The best-known and best-loved counter bar in the market, Bar Pinotxo serves excellent, freshly prepared food. I heard through the grapevine that the tortilla with artichokes is unbeatable.

Barri Gótic
La Pallaresa
Calle Petritxol 11, T93-302-20-36, www.lapallaresa.com
Open Monday through Friday 0900-2100, Saturday and Sunday 0900-2200
Metro Liceu
Bus 14, 38, 59, 91
Locals swear by this xocolatería, so don’t go anywhere else to get your chocolate con churros (thick hot chocolate with fried dough rings – a Spanish staple food). The atmosphere won’t disappoint either; this little joint still has the Formica tables and waiters sporting dicky bows!

La Vinateria del Call
Calle de Sant Doménec del Call 9, T93-302-60-92
Open daily 1900-0100, and so popular that there are two evening sittings on weekends, 2100-2300 and 2300-0100.
Metro Lieu
Bus 14, 38, 59, 91
Down a tiny side street, you’ll find this dark, wood-paneled bar – but don’t let the aesthetics turn you away. The friendly and knowledgeable staff, excellent and fresh tapas, and an impressive wine list (featuring local wines) make this bar quite the diamond in the rough.

Where to Sleep

Las Ramblas and Plaça Reial
Ramblas 138, T93-301-25-70, F93-302-73-60, www.hotelcontinental.com
Metro Plaça de Catalunya
Bus 14, 38, 59, 91
This century-old hotel is a good value for the location. The environment is welcoming, and the outer rooms have balconies overlooking Las Ramblas (prices depend on the views). If applicable, ask about family rooms – they typically run &euro100 and are a great value. Standard rooms run &euro60-90.

Pensi�n Ambos Mundos
10 Plaça Reial, T93-318-79-70, F93-412-23-63
Metro Liceu
Bus 14, 38, 59, 91
This little pension, located atop the bar of the same name in the square, offers a dozen basic, tiled rooms with bathrooms; some with balconies overlooking the square. Bring ear plugs if you don’t plan to take advantage of the nightlife, because one downfall of the central location is the noisy square. Plan &euro20-40 a night.

Barri Gótic
Hostal Jardí
Plaça de Sant Joseph Oriol 1, T93-301-59-00, F93-318-36-64, sgs110sa@retemail.es
Metro Jaume 1
Bus 14, 38, 59, 91
Book in advance if you want a room at this popular hostal. The nicer, more expensive rooms overlook the Plaça del Pi, the heart of the Old City. The simpler, less expensive rooms are towards the back and look out onto a patio. Expect to pay €40-60.

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