Dominican Republic Travel Book Review

Dominican Republic

For those of you who are not purchasing a package deal to the Dominican Republic and are travellers as distinguished from tourists, the handy sixth edition of Ulysses’ softbound edition of Dominican Republic may prove very useful.

This publication was authored by Benoit Prieur and Pascale Couture and is filled with an abundance of facts as well as exquisite photos of this beautiful island. Even if you are not a traveller and you do decide to purchase the all-inclusive package, you will nevertheless find the book of interest, especially if you are planning some side trips once you arrive at your destination.

At the beginning of the book we notice an extract taken from Christopher Columbus’s logbook when this great explorer founded the Dominican Republic in 1642. The log so aptly states:

“May Your Highness believe that these lands are so greatly good and fertile, and especially those of this island of Hispaniola, that there is no one who can tell it; and no one could believe it had he not seen it.”

Today we use such adjectives as the splendour of its white-sand beaches or its fascinating tropical rain forest to describe the second-largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba.
However, if you are an inquisitive traveller you may also be interested in learning more about the people, culture and hospitality of this beautiful oasis.

Throughout the guide book the reader is provided with information pertaining to the history, culture, traditions and lifestyle of the local inhabitants. There are also the usual chapters pertaining to accommodations, restaurants and entertainment.

For easy reference the table of contents lists 12 sections, namely: a portrait of the island, practical information, outdoors such as national parks and activities, Santo Domingo, Caribbean Coast, Punta Cana and Surroundings, Southwest, the Mountains, Cibao Valley, Puerto Plata and the Atlantic Coasts, the Samana Peninsula, West of Puerto Plata.
As you can see this is quite an extensive list of topics that would satisfy most anyone’s curiosity.

What is of immense interest to the inquiring mind and especially to one who has never journeyed to the Dominican Republic is the division of each section of the Island’s various points of interest into subheadings such as finding your way around, practical information, exploring, accommodations, restaurants, entertainment and shopping.

When you refer to a subheading such as exploring along the Caribbean Coast we are informed of cities such as Boca Chica, Juan Dolio, La Romana, Bayahibe, Boca de Yuma. We are provided with historical, cultural, and geographical information pertaining to each of these locations that would in all probability satisfy most of our queries. The authors also provide the reader with more than 35 maps as well as inside scoops on the best places to shop and eat for all budgets.

The usual questions concerning insurance, health, climate, packing and other topics found in similar guide books are found at the very beginning of the guide and it is highly recommended that before embarking on a trip to the Dominican Republic the reader have a glance at these chapters.

This useful guide will no doubt prove quite practical to the traveller, adventurer and even the tourist in exploring the first Spanish colony in the Americas. It will also reveal to the reader many of the hidden treasures of this paradise island and its world-famous beaches.

  • Dominican Republic by Benoit Prieur and Pascale Couture