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Exploration and Relaxation in British Columbia, Canada

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One of the most appealing parts of travel in British Columbia, Canada is taking advantage of the stunning surroundings and challenging yourself with outdoor adventures. After hiking, biking, and exploring the province, what better way to unwind than a soak in a hot spring, which are located all over British Columbia?

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Outdoor Adventures in the Kootenay Rockies

Mountain biking in Rossland

Home to four national parks and a series of glacier draped mountain ranges, the Kootenay Rockies in British Columbia is one big outdoor adventure playground.

  • Explore the historic town of Nelson on the edge of Kootenay Lake. Hiking, biking, and canoeing await adventure travelers. Experience breathlessness by biking in Rossland, a short hour drive from Nelson.
  • Visit up to four national parks in the region, with a plethora of hikes, rafting, and cultural experiences.  Hold history in your hand with the shale fossils at Yoho National Park, take the multi-day Rockwall Trail trek in Kootenay National Park, and get lost in the alpine meadows of Mount Revelstoke National Park.
  • Get off the beaten path in the rarely-visited part of the Purcell Mountains as you take a breathtaking heli-hike among the beauty of the Bugaboos.
  • Take a rafting adventure and get schooled by class IV rapids on the Kicking Horse River, one of wildest river runs in all of Canada.

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Hot Springs in BC

Lussier Hot Springs

After taking part in all the the adrenaline fueled adventures available, it’s time to unwind and relax, giving those sore muscles a chance to recover in one of the many natural hot springs.

  • Experience the heat at one of the many hot springs in the Kootenay Rockies. Nestled against the sheer walls of Sinclair Canyon, enjoy the views in Canada’s largest hot springs-fed pool at Radium Hot Springs.
  • Head to Lussier Hot Springs, the undeveloped riverside spot in Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park. Choose from three warm pools along the riverbank which were built by the locals with boulders for backrests.
  • If you’re looking for something a bit more rustic, head to Skookumchuck Hot Springs (also known as St. Agnes Well), located two hours north of Whistler by back road.
  • Unwind in nature’s hot tub at Liard Hot Springs, the second largest natural hot springs system in Canada. The open-air pools not only give you a chance to relax but also provide unique flora and wildlife viewing opportunities.

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