Fiji Dawn – Sleeping Giant Mountains, Nadi, Fiji

Fiji Dawn
Sleeping Giant Mountains, Nadi, Fiji

Balancing on uneven ground I took one last gaze at the lone star to the west, an ever so slight glow began to appear beyond the mountains. Blinking my eyes, I realize I can see a man walking in the darkness. There’s a machete in his hand and a turban on his head – I froze.

Was I in danger, all alone? I climbed through a barbed wire fence to cut across the field. Trespassing, I was!

Out of nowhere a rickety truck rounded the bend and seemed to follow the now scary looking man. I couldn’t make out his face, but the whites of his eyes glowed in the predawn light. He was only feet away from me?

The truck bounced down the dirt hill and wobbled its way, right past me. The man driving waved hello and smiled. – they must have just been on their way to work.

I sighed a breath of relief and sat down to enjoy the tropical sunrise.

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