Finding Nirvana

Close your eyes and picture yourself on a hammock underneath a tropical coconut palm.
You’re surrounded by lush vegetation, fruit trees and a rainbow of flora such as, exotic
jasmine, hibiscus, bride’s lilies, torch gingers, jade vines and orchids. You hear songbirds
and the rhythm of the ocean waves. In the distance you hear Reggae beats elevated by the late
folk Rasta folk hero, Bob Marley. Heady smells of the tropical gardens captivate you like a cool
breeze on a hot day. You are in heaven!

Nirvana is located in the center of Negril’s 7-mile beach and caressed by warm turquoise Caribbean waters. Instead of pavement, silky soft powder
white sand cushions your bare feet. It was created from beachfront jungle in the mid 1980’s;
the vision of a rural New York couple, Lonnie and Stanley Gottlieb. They fell in love
with Negril Beach decades ago. That was when the free-spirited hippie generation became the
first outsiders to feel the irresistible pull of the laid back lifestyle that the Negril area
offers. Unfortunately, many Negril vacation spots have gone commercially
modern and when that happens, beach resorts lose that free spirited Rastafarian vibe.

The good news is that Nirvana is completely inspired by nature; it is unmoved by
urbanization. Its quaint eight private guest
cottages don’t stand out; they’re nestled in two acres of native forest with bright
colored flora and a pristine seven mile long white sandy beach. At nirvana you
experience what the original hippies did, a place
that brings you back to yourself, a simple life in a perfect climate, days filled with the wonders of an
incredible natural environment still unmarked by mass tourism.

You’re in Jamaica, man. At Nirvana
there are no planned activities or schedules, you can just “be”
and enjoy the Rasta culture.
This peaceful hideaway has
that famous old style Negril ambience, making it a perfect choice for couples, singles, families or groups.
And surprisingly, it’s at a reasonable cost.
Aside from hammocks, there is a
friendly beach guard, many lounge chairs, a charcoal grill, kayaks and every kind of water sport you could want from
friendly local operators.

Mmmmm –  you want to eat local
Jamaican cuisine. The long time staff of locals will provide complete kitchen services. Your new friends will cook you
up some tender
Brown Stew or Jerk Chicken, rice and peas, callaloo greens, yams, pumpkin soup and other local delicacies.
With 24-hour security and the caring long time staff, you’ll instantly feel at home
because they will become your best allies and advisors. You’ll have complete maid service as well as
transportation to any destination in Negril and, to and from the airport,
or if requested, the staff will arrange activities of any sort.

Negril, as opposed to other Jamaican locations, still has an authentic Jamaican feeling because no
high rise buildings are allowed. It is not the busiest destination on the island which makes
it a choice getaway. Here on your private beach front, you always have the best seats for incredible golden sunsets,
shaded with hues of lemon yellow to sparkling tangerine, always a breathtaking beginning for a perfect
evening in a tropical paradise. With no television, the windows open
to the Caribbean breezes and a Jamaican staff who seem to know what you’ll need even before you ask.

For more information, check out this link.

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