Food – Mazatlan, Mexico

Mazatlan, Mexico – Food

Okay now that you’ve drank yourself silly, you’ll need to eat. If you’re not a seasoned Mexico traveler you’re probably at sometime going to crave one of three things. A cup of coffee in the morning, an American breakfast, or a steak.

Get coffee in front of the Gringo Lingo, breakfast at Panamas, or slink around the back (beachside) of Los Sabalos and they do a great breakfast buffet every morning. You don’t have to have a room there. As for a steak, across the street from Joe’s is a place called Cowtown. The only American country music place in town. Outstanding steak, and reasonable. Nice place to play pool as well. Note: Check out the tequila collection.

As far as road food goes, you can’t beat the little open air joints found all over town. These are all real cheap. My favorite is on Av. Camaron Sabalo, about two blocks straight inland from Joe’s. This is after-drink food at it’s finest. “Queso con carne” is my favorite. Pronounced “Q-esso cone carney”, it’s melted cheese and seared beef in a tortilla.

I have not mentioned a lot of Mexican restaurants, they’re everywhere…it’s Mexico…go for it. At night there are lots of little hotdog stands all over the streets. Unless you’re seasoned to “out of state food” or have drank at least five tequilas, you’re on your own. Me, I luv ’em.

If you land in a place where you can cook, believe it or not they have a Sam’s Club here and it’s a cheap place to shop if your gonna be here for a week or more. You can get a one day pass at the Membership counter. Also try the Gigante, Commercial Mexicana, or the Plaza Ley’s.

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