Fun (& Useful) Travel Story in BootsnAll Hostels Section about Love on the Road

Today’s feature travel article on BootsnAll isn’t in its usual place here in the articles section – it’s about hostels, so it’s in our hostels section! Makes sense, right?


This article is another by Amy Heading, who writes about tips for women travelers who might be lookin’ for lovin’ on the road – but also hoping to avoid what she calls the “heartbreak hostel.”

It’s a fun and funny article that also happens to have some pretty good information in it. And even though the title says it’s for ladies only, there are useful tips in there for the guys, too.

Check out today’s feature article: Avoiding the Heartbreak Hostel: 10 Simple Rules For Backpacking Lovin’ for Female Travellers

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photo by Orin Zebest