Hash House Harriers General Info

General Info

The Hash House Harriers is a worldwide organization that promotes beer drinking, camaraderie, fun and friendship with a little fitness thrown in.

Not everybody is destined to be a Hasher though it seems as though Brits, Aussies, Kiwis, and Yanks are predisposed with the qualities it takes to be a good Hasher. Many people I’ve met at Hashes admit to thinking “I’m not going to join this bunch of degenerates!” after participating in their first Hash, but most eventually loosen up and get into the act.

Are you one of them?

Quirky Facts

The Hash House Harriers was started in Kuala Lumpur in 1938 by Albert Gispert. Unfortunately, Albert was killed sometime later during the battle for Singapore. The Mother Hash as it is known, is still an all male event, however there is an all female event in Kuala Lumpur too, as well as a Mountain Bike Hash.

Hashes and Hashers pride themselves on their longevity. Hashes will usually have special bashes for their 500th, 750th and 1000th runs, though every multiple of 50 is considered an auspicious event. Hashers usually are awarded headbands, T-shirts and sometimes pewter mugs for anniversary or ‘jubilee’ runs (usually multiples of 25).

You don’t have to be a FRB (Front Running Bastard) to Hash, though many runners do join Hashes. You can be a SCB (Short Cutting Bastard) like me who lets the FRB’s find the trail and then takes a shortcut to join them {Beware shortcutting can be viewed as a ‘Sin’. Penitence for Hash Sins is usually quaffing Beer in The Circle.} Walkers are welcomed on most Hashes as well.


Hashes are held ALL over the globe.


Hashers are in general quite a friendly lot and some of them will even put a perfect stranger up for the night.


Wherever you go, there you are. Hashes are usually done on 2 feet and can cover from 5-10km. Some of the regional events feature ‘Ball-Buster’ 2-3 hour runs, and yet other Hashes are done on Mountain Bikes.


Local currency works well in whatever country you’re in.

Conrad Matt is a software weenie currently working in the Frankfurt, Germany region, counting the weeks until he quits his perfectly good job and goes on a mindless trek to explore this nifty little planet of ours.

“Germany is a good place to practice The Code, specifically article 16. So if you’re in town, drop me a line.”

You can also find him every Monday out and about with the Frankfurt Hash House Harriers.


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