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Since being married, I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have heard: “So when are you going to get pregnant?” In my mind I was screaming: “We are trying already!” We have tried everything, but still we weren’t pregnant.

We went to see an Indian ayruvedic doctor. By testing our pulses, he determined our temperatures were too high. He started us on a pancha karma cleanse and adjusted our diets. Almost immediately, I saw a change in my morning charting temperatures and my PH levels. He also told us to do whatever we could to reduce stress.

We hadn’t taken a vacation in over a year; now was the perfect time to take that trip to Hawaii. We had heard that the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano, the most active volcano in the world, had started to erupt again. What better place to go to nurture our fertility than a sacred island where new land is being born every day. Plus, the Big Island is known for its spiritual and healing grounds – exactly what we were seeking.

Kona Village Resort

Kona Village Resort

A few weeks later we landed in Kona, excited, open and ready to soak in the lush and fruitful vibes of the area. Relaxation was our number one, doctor-prescribed mission, so we retreated to the Kona Village Resort. Only six miles north of the airport, it was built on the grounds of an ancient Hawaiian fishing village on Kahuwai Bay. Recently purchased, Kona Village is now officially part of Hualalai Resort, along with the Four Seasons Hualalai next door. Both properties are absolutely gorgeous, sprawled along the Kona-Kohala Coast, allowing the much-needed seclusion and pampering that we were looking for.

We chose to stay at Kona Village because of its small community feel; the second resort built on the island. Plus, it offered us the chance to stay in a Hale, a Polynesian-style thatched-roof hut built on top of the black lava at the edge of the ocean. I don’t know if our view of the water was better from our bed, or from our personal Jacuzzi on our Hale’s porch. We couldn’t have dreamed of a more perfect, private getaway; we tucked ourselves away in our little piece of paradise to unwind.

Each Hale is secluded at the water’s edge; some are out on the sea of lava, truly recreating the look and feel of a little village. The new ownership will be updating and giving new life to the Hales soon, while keeping the integrity of the tropical look and natural feel that makes this resort so unique.

Kona-Kohala Coast

Kona-Kohala Coast

Kona Village is committed to a green/eco-friendly consciousness, utilizing its natural fishponds and lagoons, reusing and recycling, and accumulating little waste by re-purposing. One of my favorites was the use of a coconut instead of a “do not disturb” sign. There are no televisions or phones in the rooms; nothing to get in the way of quality time spent together – falling in love is definitely easy here and an ideal place for a wedding or honeymoon.

Not only is this a romantic destination (the resort even reserves May and September for couples only), but there are many activities to keep an entire ohana (family) busy for weeks. The keiki (kids) program is fantastic. Operating like a summer camp, it is any child’s dream vacation. There is a beautiful spa where you can work out, do yoga or just be pampered. Ancient, sacred petroglyphs are yours to explore. Of course there’s an entire array of ocean adventures: snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing, paddle boarding are just a few of what is provided.

There are different restaurants on the grounds; food is outstanding with heaps of Hawaiian delicacies, including the famous local favorite, Poi, and the incubated meat specialties. Entertainment was a highlight of the trip. I learned that the art of Hula was a dance form created to tell the stories of the islands. It is also strongly both masculine and feminine; the motions of the hips tell tales of fertility and birth. Of course I was hooked and vowed to find a Hula class as soon as I got back to the mainland.

Now that we had followed doctor’s orders and relaxed, we were ready to actively embark on our baby-soul-searching journey. We said goodbye to our community and started our journey around the island. We were honored to be invited to dine with Chef Olelo pa’a Faith Ogawa, a local private chef who caters to local and visiting Fortune 500 executives and families. She calls her style “Conscious Hawaiian Cuisine” using local farmers and fishermen for her healthy and sustainable products that she chooses so carefully for each dish.

Her name means “the very spark of existence”. As soon as we walked in her door, we were bathed in her love and light. She hung a beautiful lei on my husband and crowned me with a gorgeous floral headdress. She sat us down to aromatic towels to cleanse and to awaken the senses before presenting us with one of the most picturesque zen meals I have ever seen.

The table was a work of art, set to stimulate the soul in every which way, just as Olele pa’a intended. She believes that the preparation of food is sacred and that all food has life in it and should be honored. She practices pono ono, blessing the land, the sea, and the people who contributed to the food. She asks God for guidance as she cooks and is constantly saying thank you and I love you to the food while she is preparing it.

At the end of the meal she presented us with her very own Glow Tea and a leaf-wrapped package called a puolo, filled with Chocolate Caramel Macadamia Nut Petit Four desserts with Gold Flakes, gifts to the gods to insure a healthy keiki in opu (baby in the oven). We hugged goodbye like old friends and, filled with gratitude and a scrumptious meal, we floated back down the hill to continue our journey.

Hilton Wailoloa Village

Hilton Wailoloa Village

As we worked our way around the fruitful island, we decided to make our next stop the Hilton Wailoloa Village to visit Dolphin Quest, where just days earlier, the second baby dolphin in 2008 was born. Dolphins have always been very powerful beings to me and, having swum with them before, I knew that they could help stir my mothering birthright within. Just being around newborns gets a women’s system a’swirlin.’

The Hilton was superb, stretched out on 62 acres of oceanfront property on the southern Kohala Coast. It’s a destination in itself. A great spot if you don’t want to rent a car or deal with the hassle of needing to leave the resort for anything. Everything is provided: pools, lagoons, waterfalls and waterslides, two championship golf courses, world-class sports club and spa, eight tennis courts, kid’s camp programs, nine restaurants and nine lounges, an oceanside wedding chapel, even a museum! We explored one afternoon walking the vast property all the way out to Buddha Point where we watched whales breech in the sunset. We took the tram to one of the restaurants for dinner and glided back to our room on one of the canal boats, both of which make stops throughout the “hotel.”

Dolphin Quest

Dolphin Quest

The highlight was Dolphin Quest, being in the water with magnificent creatures is such an exhilarating feeling! The trainers were wonderful, taught our group all about dolphin behavior and habitats. They aim to instill appreciation, not only for these mammals, but for the world’s oceans and all its creatures. I was mesmerized by the new mothers and their babies. I talked to them for what felt like hours, whispering words of love and feeling waves of female bonding pulsing through the water back at me. I think they heard my prayers and sent me blessings for my conception.

We then headed east to lush Waimea and around the mighty Mauna Kea volcano (surprisingly covered in snow), down the oceans cliffs, through Hilo to Puna. We were kindly invited to visit Barb Fahs’ Hi’iaka’s Healing Herb Garden where I attempted to absorb all of the female nurturing and germination that Barb has created in the natural lava soil.

Around the corner is the home of Kumu Dane Silva, founder of the Hawaiian Lomilomi Association and owner of Hale Ola Hawaiian Healing Center. I was sent to Dane because of his exceptional healing skills. He educated me on Lomi Lomi, the Hawaiian style of massage that means “the sacred touch of aloha". The process begins with a prayer to clear the way for the spirit to move through the practitioner. We spoke about fertility, what I could do to help increase my chances of pregnancy, with an emphasis on good health through diet, breathing and exercise. He echoed much of what my ayruvedic doctor had told me about temperature and PH. This made me know I was on the right path.

Kilauea Volcano is the largest and most active volcano on the planet, home to the Hawaiian volcano goddess, Pele. This beautiful island is her baby; she has been giving birth for millions of years. We made our way down to Kalapana and hiked out across pahoehoe lava to get to the ocean’s edge. We stood there with our cameras and with 50 people as the sun went down. Two lava flows were cascading into the water, one just 100 yards from where we stood and one about half a mile down the coast. As it got darker the radiant orange glow became a brilliant red. We stood mesmerized for well over an hour, staring into the flames and flow as it oozed and spattered and poured over the cliffs. It was as hypnotic as a bonfire and as spectacular as fireworks on the Fourth of July. What a treasure and honor!

The next morning I treated myself to a Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage. After having my “stomach turned”, I joined my husband and we allotted the rest of the day to exploring the crater at the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. We took in the views of the gases bursting from the gaping caldera at the Volcano House Hotel, smelled the sulfur venting from the banks, hiked through the huge Thurston Lava Tube, strolled along Devastation Trail and made our way down the Chain of Craters Road to the ocean – another highlights and a “must-see” in one’s lifetime!

Completing our loop of the island, we made our way back down the mountain, past black sand beaches frequented by turtles, farmers selling their goods by the side of the road and macadamia groves. The last stop in our journey was to Keauhou Kona, south of the airport. We were eager to check into the Sheraton Keauhou Bay Resort and Spa, throw on our bathing suits and enjoy the beautiful pools and fantastic water slide!

Thank you Hawaii!

Thank you Hawaii!

We were fortunate enough to happen upon Huggo’s in Kailua-Kona. When you walk in, you find yourself directly on the rocks over the waves, surrounded by ocean. It’s absolutely beautiful. When we weren’t eating in our final days on the Big Island, we were sitting in awe watching the manta rays feed each night in front of our accommodation, or we were relaxing at the spa. By the time our stay was complete, we had made it all the way around the Big Island; I felt infused with birthing energy!

O ka maluhia no me oe – may peace be with you!

Check out the Kona Village Resort for more information.

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