Hiking – Eugene, Oregon Travel Guide

Eugene is blessed with a variety of hikes that can be reached without too much effort. Although having access to a vehicle would help, the local bus service will also take you fairly close to some of these locations.

Mt Pisgah

You can take a couple of hours or all day over this hike. It is more like a road than a trail to the 1500ft summit and it is fairly steep, but you can detour off onto many side trails that will get you to the same place eventually. The view from the summit is excellent if you ignore the power lines that straddle the mountain.

At Mt Pisgah’s base there is an arboretum that has many well cared for trails. In Spring, the wildflowers make this an especially pretty place to take a stroll.

Spencer Butte

Easily visible from anywhere in Eugene, 2054ft Spencer Butte is a great hike with 360° views of the Willamette Valley and even the Three Sisters on a clear day. Because of its proximity to Eugene, it is fairly busy, especially in summer. No trip to Eugene would be complete without a hike up "the Butte".

Skinner Butte

This hike is great to get your bearings if you are a first time visitor to Eugene. Accessible from 3rd Ave East, you can see the town laid out before you. It’s a nice place to watch a sunset, however it is also popular with teenage couples looking for privacy, so take a flashlight and start yelling your "daughter’s" name for some extra fun.

Mt June

Usually inaccessible due to snow from December to April, Mt June is a short but steep hike to a 4618ft summit. You will definitely need a car to get to this trailhead, but the views from the top are fantastic. There are a couple of other hikes nearby to stretch the trip into a full day.

Mt June
Impressive views from Mt June

Shortly into the Mt June trail, you can turn off onto the Sawtooth Trail that leads to a round-trip hike of nearly ten miles that includes the 100ft climb of Sawtooth Rock and the views from Hardesty Mountain.

Driving to Mt June, you could easily have missed the small sign indicating a trail to Eagle’s Rest. It is easier to spot on the way back, a couple of miles after the sign directing you to Mt June. Eagle’s Rest is only about 2 miles round trip and gives great views of June and the "Lost Valley".

Shotgun Creek

If uphill isn’t your thing, or it is winter and you don’t mind the rain, then try this 3½ mile trail. It is about half an hour from Eugene and has a picnic area.

A great book to pick up for more information is 100 Hikes in the Central Oregon Cascades by William L. Sullivan or check out some of his information online.