How I Travel: Year-End Love Fest


However you’ve ended up at this site, the chances are that you love travel. You love the people, the sights, the sounds and even the smells (at least most of them). You love the thrill of newness. You love it all!

You’ve come to the right place. At BootsNAll we love travel and we love people who love travel. That’s why we’ve dedicated our site, forums and message boards to the fine art of hitting the road. This year, amidst our own wanderings, we found time to interview more than forty career vagabonds about their respective travel styles– and in each case, the last question we asked was: “Why do you love travel?”

Here’s what they had to say:

I love travel…

because even the bad trips are good days. – David Farley

I love travel for the experiences I have on the road.

It’s always changing and it’s always different. – Amee Donohoe

I love to travel because it gives me the freedom to go where I want and leave behind the responsibilities.

You get to see beautiful places, meet lots of different people, do new and exciting things, all on your own schedule. Sometimes people think I’m lost but I always know where I’m going. – Andrew Shelley

I love traveling…

because, to put it simply, it lets me see a world that’s both bigger and smaller than I always think it is. – Robin Benway

Who wouldn’t travel if they could?

I plan to keep traveling as long as they let me. As long as I can. And when they won’t? I’m thinking Italy. – Anthony Bourdain

I love to travel because that’s when I’m happiest.

I first realized it on a train while crossing Morocco. I found that I just couldn’t stop smiling out the window.  – Andrew Evans

I love travel because I love life.

To me traveling is the process of always expanding my understanding and surprise in what life is all about. – Susan Orlean

I love travel because you may be uncomfortable, hungry, hot and sweaty, cold and shivering…

but damn it, you will never be bored.  – Tony Wheeler

I love travel because every time it’s something new.

Every time it’s something that you can add to your pot of experiences. – Joey Harrington

I love travel because I love reinvention.

It’s very hard for adults to change themselves but you can change yourself through travel. – Chris Carrabba

I love travel because I have a passion for learning more.

Not only more about the people around me and their cultures but also more about myself and who I am.  – Dhani Jones

I love to learn, I love the truth and I learn every time I travel.

I’m a truth seeker.  – Leon Mobley

I love to travel because it inspires and surprises me.

I might know where I’m going or vaguely what I’m going to do or where I’m going to stay, but I’m in a different space than I’ve ever been before. – JoAnna Haugen

I love travel because I really like keeping my life fresh.

Whenever I’m just about to get bored back home, I hit the road and everything feels new and exciting again. – Dan Levy

Travel is a great way of being alive in the world.

It forces you to appreciate each new day, each new moment. It challenges you to look beyond yourself, to encounter new cultures and new contexts, even if they’re two blocks from your home. – Rolf Potts

Rolf in Ethiopia

I love to travel because I love diversity in life.

I love meeting new people, hearing their stories, experiencing culture and finding myself along the way. – Sam Mehan

I love to travel…

because the world is filled with stories. – Kelsey Timmerman

I love travel because no experience can be duplicated.

I love travel for the goosebump moments. I love travel because it teaches me things about myself and about the world. I love travel. – Courtney Scott Radovanovic

I love to travel because I love variety.

I really get the best of both worlds. I get to miss the road, I get to miss being home and I get to quench both of those thirsts all the time. – Justin Kredible

I love travel because of the glimpses of beauty.

Whether it’s playing soccer with kids on the beach in Mozambique or spotting my first Orca in New Zealand, my travels have provided me with these perfect moments that will hang in my memory forever. No price tag can be assigned to them, no photo can capture them – but those moments are waiting out there and every time I travel I seem to stumble into a few.  – Steve Bramucci

I love travel for the joie de vivre.

The energy, new sights and sounds and people I meet makes me want to keep going to different corners of the world. – Nellie Huang

I love to travel…

because it’s the easiest way to try out all the lives you’re not living. – Christine Cantera

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