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Ian Botts
Hiya everyone! My name is Ian. I was asked to write some type of intro thingy. I’m really not to good at this type of thing so please bear with me. I am 21 years young, born in South Carolina and raised just outside of London, England. I came back to the States when I was 14 and been on the west coast ever since.

I am (was) a computer nerd for a local insurance company in Seattle, WA as well as a White Water Rafting Guide. I don’t know what happened but the travel bug just kinda bit me. Around January 2001 I decided that I would embark on a journey of a lifetime. I would go around the world. How, I had no Idea.

I jumped on the web and starting looking around. After a while I came across BootsnAll.com and found everything I needed to know. I was supposed to leave around December of 2001. Well, like everything in my life I got impatient. I left my job in August and have begun.

I didn’t want to go alone so I have found a travel companion, NATE! Nate is cool. He is a little stuffed Monkey that used to live in my office. He has since been liberated and is going around the world with me. I have decided makes an wonderful traveling companion – he is cuddly, cheap and always laughs at my jokes. YEAH!!! So read along and find out what we get up to.

Inquiries or feedback, contact: complexfire@hotmail.com

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