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Indie Travel Challenge: Growth, Discovery, Adapt & Advice

The Indie Travel Challenge drew to a close last night. What an amazing month of sharing travel lessons, experiences and adventures in the BootsnAll community. Our deep gratitude to each of you who participated. Please don’t stop adventuring, or sharing those experiences! Feel free to tag us on Twitter any time @bootsnall, and be sure to join the BootsnAll Community; a great place to share your travel dreams, ask questions and share the wealth of information we all bring to the table.

Today’s round up includes the last few days of the challenge and then a nice selection of what you may have missed earlier in the month. Enjoy!

This week asked about:

Physical activity

FRU physical

Rachel Walmsley, World Beneath Your Feet

“I walked the Camino de Santiago the summer before last – 775 km in 37 days. The thing that struck me the most was the way my mind cleared. I expected to feel physically fit and healthy (despite the three course pilgrim meals and the copious amount of red wine) but I was surprised at how meditative it was.

By waking up every day and knowing that the only thing I had on my ‘to do’ list was to walk I was creating space where there had been none before. And instead of contemplating all of life’s big questions I found myself quieting my mind and taking pleasure in just being in the moment. Next physical and mental challenge on my list is the west coast trail on vancouver island.”

Discovery vs. Escape

FRU discovery

Kelli Mutchler, Too Mutch for Words

Writes a touching letter to her Dad, thanking him for introducing her to travel:

“Still, it’s a nice gesture, from one (new) parent to another. At last, a show of public appreciation for all the trips you took my brother and me on. It won’t make up for that awkward teen journey to D.C. when I ignored you the whole time, but it’s definitely better than the bar of Toblerone I brought back from Switzerland….

Because I loved those trips, Dad, and now, looking back, I love you for introducing us to the States and proving that 33 hours to the coast is a measurable eternity to be stuck in a van….

I thank you for every enjoyable, educational, boring, excruciating and confusing moment of all 30 family vacations, because you taught us that travel is normal.”

Danielle Bricker, Worldsmith

She wrote elegantly about escaping the urge to escape:

“You can’t order up discoveries, epiphanies, and revelations like a burger and fries. That way of thinking is how shorter trips became a commodity.”

Adapting vs. Micomanaging

FRU Adapt

Cristina, LooknWalk

“Generally speaking, when we plan a trip we never micromanage. I do make a list of what I want to see but deciding exactly when to do it is something I do once I get at the accommodation. “

Danielle Bricker, Worldsmith

“In many ways, travel is like cooking. If you know basic techniques, you don’t really need a recipe.”

Advice for other travelers

FRU Advice

In case you missed it…

FRU Missed

Here are some submissions we loved from earlier in the month:

Sean Keener, CEO, BootsnAll

What has travel taught me?

  • My way is not the only way
  • Humility
  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Endurance
  • It’s not about the sights, its about the people
  • Breathe, slow down
  • Everyday is Saturday
  • There is not a “wrong” way
  • Let go of control

Stefan having a moment with his camel at sunset in the Mongolian Gobi Desert.

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