Author: Jennifer Miller

Indie Travel Challenge Roundup: Travel Photos, Giving Back, Simple Moments & More

Today marks the end of the third week of the Indie Travel Challenge and this session is flying by! With tons people participating, so far, we’re getting lots of great responses shared on Twitter. Search #Doyouindie and have a look at all of them for yourself! There’s some great material here that we know you’ll want to connect with and share.

Each Friday of the ITC we’re going to share the questions for the week and some of the responses we loved. If you want to be considered for next week’s round up, be sure you’re using the hashtag: #doyouindie when you share your post on Twitter. That’s the only way we’ll know you’re in!

This week asked about:

Your favorite travel photos

ru photographer

Super French and a bad Geri Halliwell impersonator enjoying the wilderness of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.

A photo posted by Nomadic Boys (@nomadicboys) on

How do you cut expenses?

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My Quarter Life Epiphany

  • I don’t pay for haircuts.
  • I hand wash the majority of my clothes.
  • I don’t go shopping.
  • I don’t go to the movies.
  • I cook everything from scratch.
  • I don’t and won’t own a car.

Sean Keener, CEO BootsnAll

“Today’s prompt is about cutting expenses, which is super practical when saving for a big trip. I analyze at least once a year all of my personal and business expenses.

1) Which ones am I still using, and provide value
2) Am I spending money on something that is not aligned with my core values and purpose? (If so, AXE it)

When I look back at what I actually spent money on, I can’t kid myself, it’s there in black and white and evidence of what I value in this world.”

Two Scots Abroad

“We made it – we’ve saved £10K each. How? Continually asking myself ‘Canada or crap Gemma?’ and executing Two Scots Abroad’s 5 S’s of Saving.”

How do you give back while traveling?

ru give back

We asked your thoughts on ecotourism

ru eco

Arie Bledsoe, Ramblings of a Readheaded Wanderer

  • Buy locally
  • Respect the regions customs and culture

Taking pleasure in simple moments

ru simple

Learning through travel

ru learning

Kelsey, Wend Away

“Don’t let schooling get in the way of your education.”

“Unfortunately I didn’t stumble upon this nugget of wisdom until some time during college. It was then it finally dawned on me— I could learn outside the walls of a classroom or lecture hall.”

Marie-France Roy, Big Travel Nut

The advantages of learning a language abroad include:

  • It is often cheaper than at home
  • It gives your trip a purpose
  • You have the option of staying with locals
  • Immersion means you learn faster
  • You get more out of the country

Sean Keener, Travel Access Project

“My paradigm, of the world was goto school/college, graduate, get a job, and if you are lucky when you are 65, you can travel the world and have some free time. All of my role models were people who worked hard to make a better life for themselves and their families.

I quickly learned, that my way, was not the only way. There are more options and paths in the world that we are even aware of. Leaving home on my own for the 1st time, opened my eyes to more options that are available.”

Seeing yourself in the context of a rich & complex world

ru context

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