Indie Travel Take Down – The Sweet 16

The second round of games in the Indie Travel Takedown is over and we’re on to the Sweet 16. Things largely got back to normal in the second round, though a few upsets did happen, sending a few underdog, Cinderella stories to the next round.

#12 seed Mexico continues to impress as it upsets #4 seed Colombia in the Americas region while trying to prove to the world that it is a great (and safe) indie travel destination despite the negative press surrounding it. Portugal moves past #16 seed Cyprus in Europe to end their run after upsetting #1 seed Italy. #10 seed Indonesia scores a massive upset over #2 seed Thailand in the Asia/Oceania region, while #7 seed Egypt moves to the round of 16 after dispatching #2 seed Tanzania in the Africa/Middle East region.


Now it’s time for the next round of voting in the Indie Travel Takedown tournament! Here are the match-ups for the Sweet 16 – simply click on the “Rate It” button on each flag to give your Indie Travel Rating to your pick for the best country for indie travel in each match-up. The country with the highest indie travel rating in every pair at the end of the round moves on to the Elite 8 and a shot at the Final Four.

Voting for this round ends Thursday, March 22 at 11:59pm PST. Be sure to vote for your favorites!

Jump to vote in the match-ups in these regions:

The Americas

#1 Peru vs. #12 Mexico

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1062]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1023]


#2 Argentina vs. #6 Chile

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1051]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1054]


#8 Portugal vs. #4 Greece

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1138]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1106]


#6 Germany vs. #7 Croatia

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1130]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1107]


#1 New Zealand vs. #4 Australia

[indieometeroverimage location_id=12]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=11]


#6 Philippines vs. #7 Indonesia

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1172]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1167]

Africa/Middle East

#1 Morocco vs. #4 South Africa

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1199]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1208]


#7 Egypt vs. #11 Madagascar

[indieometeroverimage location_id=1197]


[indieometeroverimage location_id=1191]

To see the first round match-ups and breakdowns, go to each regions page: